The world needs your awesome.

Let’s stay awesome together! 

Banish FEAR, SELF-DOUBT, and other horse feathers from your career, leadership, and business.


*And the thought your dreams are stupid because they’re NOT.  Well, I’m not going to lie… some are…. 



I bet there’s a good chance you have them stuffed away in the back of your dream drawer next to the fancy candle and expensive bottle of bubbly for someday….

Time is Ticking. Someday Is TODAY!

I’m Rebecca, your modern-day Fairy Guidementor with an oversized carpetbag full of lessons, experiences, and tools from a life at Disney and beyond ready to be ransacked to support you.

If you’re finally ready to dust off your dreams and make them come true. You are in the right place! 

Currently Stopping You From Losing Sleep Over 

Your Resume

Don’t believe you can go from stuffing your resume with every possible keyword found in the job description, posting online like it's your full-time job and still not get a call for an interview to turning down interviews and offers because you found and said yes to your dream job?





Not Suck As A Boss

STOP struggling with the question of are leaders born or are they made?

No time for that, I'm going to give you the answer! I believe leaders are made. Leadership is a skill that can be learned.

Be the awesome leader you wish you had and one that people trip over their own feet to follow.





Business Bragging

 I help tiny businesses and startups (and larger ones if asked nicely) to use the power of human care and connection to create experiences, products, and services people can’t stop gushing on about to their friends, family, and hairdresser.

You may be asking yourself… What do YOU know about dreams?

I know… a dream is a wish your heart makes ✨ *wink*


And I know a little something about wishes, magic, dreams, and pooping pixie dust.

I had a dream job making magic for decades around the world at the most admired, creative, and multi-faceted company in the world, the Walt Disney Company. 

You’re probably thinking… and yes, I obviously started as an It’s a Small World doll….

Now that we got that out of the way.

My non-negotiable values in business and life are to connect, engage, and inspire the hearts and minds of people.

Have dreams to dust off? I’ll bring the microfiber cloth.

(Have you tried them? You’ll wonder why no one told you sooner!)

I Care About You And Don’t Want You To Struggle With Doing It Alone. Together is Always Better Awesome. 

“Over the course of a few weeks, Rebecca helped me fine-tune what is most fulfilling to me and identify how to translate that into my professional life. She continues to coach me through the process of bringing those passions to fruition. It is a daunting process that, left to my own devices, I tend to avoid and now doing it!”


Career Client

“Within seconds of meeting her, you’ll know Rebecca was born to elevate people, something I’ve seen her accomplish several times on two continents. When she blends her own personal drive with two decades of Disney business experience, the ensuing fireworks are even brighter than the ones you’ll see over Cinderella’s castle. Are you ready for fireworks celebrating YOUR success?  Light the fuse with Rebecca and your celebration begins.”


I benefited greatly from the knowledge of Rebecca’s years as an executive in a Fortune 100 corporate environment. Hearing and sharing horror stories of bad bosses, lazy leaders, and the behaviors of horrible team member and learning strategies to focus on the good and what I can do as a leader from someone who has been there and gets it, invaluable! 


Leadership Development Client

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