Banish FEAR, SELF-DOUBT, and other BS from your career, leadership, and business.

*And the thought your dreams are stupid because they are NOT.

Imagine for a second how your life would look if you could ditch that annoying roommate in your head (or friends/family/boss) telling you

"You Can't"

“You’re Not Smart Enough/ Pretty Enough”

“You Don’t Have the Experience/Education/Skills”

“You’re Going to Fail”

“People Need to Fear You”

”Past Successes Were a Fluke,You Got Lucky”

"Who Do You Think You Are?”


I’ll help you seize back your crown and create your next chapter.

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I’m your modern-day Fairy Guidementor with an impressive Mary Poppins style bag full of experiences at Disney and beyond ready to be opened to support your next chapter.

Within seconds of meeting her, you’ll know Rebecca was born to elevate people, something I’ve seen her accomplish several times on two continents. When she blends her own personal drive with two decades of Disney business experience, the ensuing fireworks are even brighter than the ones you’ll see over Cinderella’s castle. Are you ready for fireworks celebrating YOUR success?  Light the fuse with Rebecca and your celebration begins.
-Ben Ride With Ben

Ride With Ben


✧・゚: *✧ Let’s Make Your Dreams Come True ✧・゚: *✧・

You may be asking yourself -- What do YOU know about dreams? 

I know... a dream is a wish your heart makes ✨
( a Disney reference.. anyone get it?) because..


Epcot Bubble Gum Wall

I know a little something about wishes, magic, dreams and pooping pixie dust ✨

I worked for the most admired, creative, and multi-faceted company in the world, the Walt Disney Company for over 20 years.

You’re probably thinking… and yes, I obviously started as an It’s a Small World doll….

Now that we got that out of the way.

I believe engaging with the hearts and minds of people is the way to be and I’m not afraid to proclaim it. 

I work with people who care and want a better career, to be a better leader and be a better business through being human. 

People Who:

  • Want a better career through READ ME & HIRE ME resumes and career coaching

  • To become a better leader through leadership & human skills coaching

  • Have a better business by conquering the hearts, minds, and purses

The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.
— Walt Disney


Cue the music.  Do you hear it? It sounds like this... ☆♬♩♪✧♩

I benefited greatly from the knowledge of Rebecca’s years as a senior leader in a Fortune 100 corporate environment. Hearing and sharing horror stories of Bad Bosses and team members how to turn them into fans from someone who has been there and gets it.
— Diana, Leadership Coaching Client
You are a pure ray of sunshine in my murky, often confused head. Love your style, grace, smarts and savvy… and your GIRL Powers!
— Holly, Career Coaching Client
Over the course of a few weeks, Rebecca helped me fine-tune what is most fulfilling to me and identify how to translate that into my professional life. She continues to coach me through the process of bringing those passions to fruition. It is a daunting process that, left to my own devices, I tend to avoid.
— Kristin, Start Up Business Client
Rebecca’s energy level is off the charts. It makes you excited about something as tiring and (often dull) as resume writing.
— Heather, Read Me Resume Client

Let’s Make Your Dreams Come True!

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