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The world needs your awesome.

Let’s stay awesome together! 

Imagine your dreams coming true


You wake up in the morning with boundless energy as your sip your coffee excitedly about what your get to do today.

You start the day a new person, a better person, a confident person who says NO to self-doubt, excuses, and laughs at hiccups.

A person who is #winning at this game of life.



Now Is Your Time and THIS is Your Chance TO Create Magic and Make Your Dreams Come True!

Dreams, Dreams, Dreams


You might be thinking… What does Rebecca know about dreams?

I know… a dream is a wish your heart makes ✨ AND all your dreams can come true if you have the courage to puruse them …



and I do know a little something about wishes, magic, dreams, and pooping pixie dust.

Because I had a dream job (actually 17) with the most admired, creative, and multi-facted company in the world, The Walt Disney Company where I got to make magic around the world for decades.

You’re probably thinking… and yes, I obviously started as an It’s a Small World doll….

*Now that we got that out of the way*

My non-negotiable values are to connect, engage, and inspire the hearts and minds of people and don’t be a bosshole

I believe this is the fast pass to creating magic and making all your dreams come true. 

So, I’m your modern-day Fairy Guidementor with an oversized carpetbag full of lessons, experiences, and tools from a life at Disney and beyond ready to be ransacked to support you in taking the dread out of making your dreams come true. 

“Rebecca is BETTER than a genie in a lamp!” 


“Within seconds of meeting her, you’ll know Rebecca was born to elevate people, something I’ve seen her accomplish several times on two continents. When she blends her own personal drive with two decades of Disney business experience, the ensuing fireworks are even brighter than the ones you’ll see over Cinderella’s castle. Are you ready for fireworks celebrating YOUR success?  Light the fuse with Rebecca and your celebration begins.”


“”You get me so amped— I feel like I can take on the world!”


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