YES! It is possible to re-discover, find, or create work that lights you up... and we're going to do it in 48 Days!

Do You Love Your Work?

Chances are you don’t


A 2017 Deloitte study found only 13% of people in the U.S. workforce is passionate about their jobs.

Sadly, that’s a lot of unhappy people punching the time clock and putting in time every day not doing work that lights them up.

It’s no wonder a study reported we are on our mobile devices over 4 hours a day, unlocking Apple devices at least 80 times a day. It’s because spending time watching videos of baby goats is more exciting than the work we are doing.

What If It Was Possible To Love Your Work? 

I am not going to claim you can and will love what you do 100% of time. I am an optimist and a realist.  It would be a ridiculous claim and let’s be real there are things we have to do that aren’t all that great. But what if you spent more time doing things that light you up more than you do now? How would that feel?

I know what you are thinking… It would feel AMAZING!

Because Currently..

✓ I am bored
✓ I want to use my skills for good in the world
✓ I need to see what else I am capable of
✓ I wish I was in charge
✓ I need more

✓ I dread Monday
✓ I feel so restricted/limited in what I am able to do
✓ I need to grow
✓ I am not working at my full potential
✓ Work rarely excites me   

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BUT… Then The Thoughts Of...

❌   Finding a new job is overwhelming
❌   I just need to be grateful for what I have
❌   It's not that bad!
❌  Doing something different is scary
❌  People would kill for my job/career

❌  That’s not possible
❌  I can't...
❌  What if I fail?
❌  What'll my friends/family think
❌  I've been doing this so long I don't know where to start

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Followed By The Excuses...

‼️ I'm comfy, why rock the boat
‼️ It's not a good time, I'm too busy
‼️ In this market/field it will be hard to find a job
‼️ I can't make money doing that
‼️ I get______ (free parking/lunch/benefits) why  would I give that up?

‼️ I’ve put in so much time
‼️ I am too old/young
‼️ I don't have the education/experience
‼️ I haven't updated my resume in years
‼️ No one is hiring



Fear Of Moving On... 

All the above is what I have felt, thought, and the excuses I gave for not taking action towards my dreams.

I had a magical corporate career. When I shared I dreamed of more autonomy and going deeper with clients providing personalized, a higher level of support to help them grow and develop, and work for myself. I repeatedly heard:

Why would you give that up? Just put in your time until you can retire and then you can do what you want.

So, that is exactly what I did for many years. I stayed in my comfy zone and  fooled myself into thinking it was enough.

When a thought of doing what called me came to mind, I repeated the negative thoughts and excuses like mantras.  I was scared. 

Until, one day I hit a crossroad and decided to stop thinking, 

What If….?

So, I left my successful corporate career and from that moment on I lived happily ever after... living in Fantasyland everyday surrounded by singing birds, unlimited coffee, and snacks.  

NO that’s not how it happen but some want you believe that it's really that easy. The optimist in me says YES you can do it!  My realist says you need to CHOOSE and ACT to make it happen.  Not going to lie, it takes time and it's work. It's scary as H-E-C-K. It's also an inside job...  If it was easy, everyone would be doing it! If you are still following along, you are not everyone.

Here's how I started my journey. 

A colleague told me about 48 Days To The Work You Love by Dan Miller. Who? What? Huh? Seriously, 48 Days? 

From my first read, I changed my mindset, managed better the negative thoughts, stop making excuses,  learned to find myself again (yes, I was lost), and took baby action steps.  I finally felt that it is possible through a structured process to make my dreams come true.  

I am such a fan of the 48 Days process and honored to bring these proven practices by Dan Miller and what I learned on my own 48 Days journey into an online workshop to help others re-discover their awesomeness and find or create work and a life that lights them up! It’s my passion project to help others live their best darn life. We only got one on this planet and it is too short to not be in love with it.

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Doing Work You Love Is Just 48 Days Away!

Choose Awesome Presents 48 Days to the Work You Love workshop helps you unleash your awesomeness (skills, abilities, personality, values, dreams, passions) and apply them to your work and life.  

For some that may be a new job. For others, it may be rediscovering what lights you up and finding and doing more of that with your current work. The great thing is you got options!

About The Online Workshop

48 Days To The Work You Love

CHOOSE AWESOME PRESENTS 48 DAY TO THE WORK YOU LOVE is an online SELF-Study (with available support) WORKSHOP designed to help you understand yourself, create a plan, and move ahead in your career and life BEING AUTHENTIC, BOLD, and with confidence. You will:

(I'm just going to highlight a few of my favorite things in the workshop)

  • Understand your awesomeness and the work that fits your unique personality
  • Gain confidence and own your awesome 
  • Clarify goals for not only for your career but in six other areas (Emotional, Physical, Financial, Social, 
    Spiritual, and Family)
  • Focus and better prioritize your time so you can create flow in your life to reach your dreams through
  • Discover ways to reduce internal and external stress and discouragement so you can move towards
    fulfilling work 
  • Learn how to navigate changes in the workplace including the constantly evolving job market
  • Update your resume to reflect you, your strengths, skills and the uniqueness you bring to the workplace and build your confidence when meeting new people and interviewing with companies
  • Explore options new opportunities for work outside the traditional 9 to 5, including side hustles
  • Learn, grow, connect, take action, and have fun!

This online workshop is designed for all ages, academic backgrounds, and work experiences. The workshop is 48 Days (approx. 7 weeks) in length and built with busy people in mind! Complete your program anytime, day or night, based on your schedule through organized and focused weekly self-study activities, daily/weekly trackers, and accountability. 

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While I am confident that I am full of great ideas, the course “48 Days to the Work You Love” inspired me to take action.
— Mark, 48 Days Participant
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The Workshop Details


Here's Exactly What You'll Experience In Each Lesson

💡02: Where Is my life headed?

Do you ever feel like all you do is just sleep, work, binge a little tv, and repeat with little time to do anything else? That you’re not getting to do the things that are important to you and you actually want to do you because there is too much other “stuff” going on and you are just tired. Just thinking about that I need to lay down. 

In this lesson, you are going to stop those out of control feelings and:  

  • Take your dreams, add an actionable plan to it, and create your new future.
  • Recognize that work is not your LIFE. It's just one aspect of you and it doesn’t define what makes you awesome.
  • Reclaim balance of your priorities and learn to be the best version of yourself in the seven areas of life (Personal
    Development, Family, Career, Social,Financial, Spiritual, and Physical).

💡01: Is all change good?

There is a pretty good chance you’ve changed your cell phone more recently than your mindset about work. Working a job until retirement with benefits for life is a thing of the past. The work environment has changed and many of us are in denial and stuck in our outdated thinking of where true security comes from. Psst..It is not from a job or company.

In lesson one, you will focus on your mindset and look inward to:

  • Discover and overcome the obstacles that are keeping you back from your  awesome and dream work/life.
  • Build confidence and security in you! Your skills, abilities, and what you have to offer employers.
  • Learn how to protect yourself from the negatives thoughts, people, and behaviors so you can move towards the life and work you want. 


💡03: Planning work around the life I want 

Ever wake up and wonder who am I? What am I doing and how did I get here? Ever feel like your life is not your own and this is not what you even thought it would be? Here’s the thing, if you don’t plan your life and how you spend your time, there are so many people that will jump in and do it for you.

In this lesson, you will take control of your life/work and:

  • Discover what influences you and learn to be the one planning, controlling, and living your life. 
  • Set clear and achievable goals so you know where you are headed versus letting things just happen, reacting and getting so angry. 
  • Gain confidence in getting what you want for your life and work by knowing and owning what makes you awesome.  Your:
  1. Skills and abilities
  2. Your personality tendencies
  3. Your values, dreams, and passions

💡04: Nuts & Bolts

Does it seems jobs posted are already filled by the time you get your resume together and apply?  Or that you didn’t even know a  job was open and you found out by a Linkedin profile update? Darn it! That is because 87% of jobs available don’t even hit postings. If that is the case, what to even do?

In lesson 4, you will:

  • Discover the secrets to finding the 87% of unadvertised jobs.
  • Come to grips with what you can and can’t control in your job search.
  • Learn a job search process that works and I am not talking using pink scented paper for your resume.
  • Bust the common resume myths that are holding you back.
  • Build an updated resume that gets interviews with the employers you choose.

💡05: The World is waiting for you!

Do interviews stress you out? You are not alone. We'll take out the guess work out on what to wear, when to show up, what to bring, what to prepare, and what to say so you show off your awesomeness and what you can bring to the job.

In this lesson, you will learn to shine like the diamond you are because the world is waiting for you. Learn how to:  

  • Make a great first impression by knowing yourself, how to show up, exit, and follow up.
  • Discover and be prepared for the 5 Interview Questions That Really Matter and some questions you can ask when asked “any questions for us”?
  • Learn strategies to guide you to the right time to discuss salary and tips to negotiate salary and benefits to your advantage.


💡06: Nontraditional work

You’ve probably experienced some massive change in how you work. Remember sending faxes or having a pager?  Things are changing and moving so quickly. 65% of jobs in the future haven’t even been created yet! There are so many choices in how and what we do for work today and it is just getting started. The future is pretty exciting and bright for employees and entrepreneurs they gotta wear shades. 

In the final lesson, you will:

  • Recognize the many work options you have to choose from that fit you best and how to  move forward pursing them with confidence. Own it!
  • Explore options for full time, side hustle,  extra income opportunities both big and small you have available now.
  • If you’ve even thought of starting a business, learn your entrepreneurial tolerance and if you are cut out for it
  • Recognize and celebrate the progress you are making towards work and then life you love! You so got this. 


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Here's What You'll Get: 

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✓ 48 Days Participant Kit

 Your own 48 Days workshop participant kit arriving via Priority Mail*  includes: 

  • A copy of the 10th anniversary edition of 48 Days to the Work You Love that has helped thousands move towards finding work they love in just 48 Days.
  • 48 Day step by step action with the 48 Days to the Work You Love Application Guide created exclusively for this workshop. 
  • 48 Days DISC Personality Career Profile to discover your strengths at work and use them to discover work you love.
  • A copy of The Rudder of the Day by Dan Miller. A daily motivational book of stories, wisdom and inspiration to start your day on a positive, uplifting note.


* If outside of the US, let me know in the application.

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✓  Choose Awesome Exclusives

Choose Awesome Presents 48 Days to the Work You Love workshop exclusives:

  • Lifetime access to the Choose Awesome online workshop site which includes companion curriculum to the participant kit from my own 48 Days journey including
  • Insights in short, quick video insights of knowledge, stories, and examples to encourage your success and keep you moving forward in your journey. 
  • Choose Awesome exclusive resources. Worksheets and tools I have used myself and with clients on our journey towards work that lights us up
  • Resume Review.  A complete resume review with one round of edit suggestions.
  • YouEconomy Insight. A special publication from Success Magazine on the YouEconomy, the movement that’s changing the way we work.
Exclusives (12).png

✓  Ongoing Support

You're not alone on this journey. You'll have support along the way from me and other participants of the workshop: 

  • Access to a  private Facebook where you can get support, ask questions, ask for feedback and connect with others who have been or are on a similar journey. 
  • Lifetime access to the workshop site and the Facebook community. 


Get Started Now

Select the Choose Awesome Presents 48 Days To The Work You Love Online Workshop option that works best for you.



48 Days Participant Kit

Lifetime Access to Choose Awesome Presents 48 Days Workshop Site where you will find exclusive insights and resources

YouEconomy Insight special publication from Success Magazine

Resume Review with one round of edit review suggestions

Private Facebook Support Community 


Perfect for a DIY kind of person. You want to do it yourself on your own time schedule with access to select resources where and when you need them. If you are a determined person with the drive to move forward, this would be a good choice for you.



48 Days Participant Kit

Lifetime Access to Choose Awesome Presents 48 Days Workshop Site where you will find exclusive insights and resources

YouEconomy Insight special publication from Success Magazine

Resume Review with unlimited edit review suggestions for 90 days

Private Facebook Support Community 

On-Demand Coaching via email or call for 90 days

You are motivated to start this journey, do it your way but have questions about some things and you want some additional support along the way with someone who have been there and done it, as needed.  A stand alone On-Demand Coaching package is $495 making this a deal for support when you need it. 


My goal is to build your confidence around the awesome you are so that you can have the life and do meaningful work that lights you up. 

Let's Get started: 

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You FILL OUT a NO OBLIGATION application. This is so I can get to know you and your current situation a little better. 


I REPLY within 2 business days of receiving your application, I will share my thoughts on if the program is a right fit for you, answer any questions you had, and share next steps to get started.


We START finding/creating work and life love!

Not sure yet? Here's a workshop overview video where you can learn more about the program.  It's an example of what an insight video is like inside of the workshop and you can get to know me a little more and my teaching style.

An overview of the Choose Awesome Presents 48 Days To The Work You Love Online Workshop. A 7 week self-paced workshop where you will discover a proven system designed to help you understand yourself, create a plan, and move ahead in your career and life being authentic, bold and with confidence.
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Here’s Proof That You Can Do This And It Works

Comments from Workshop Participants

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For more information about the workshop and the money back guarantee select a FAQ below. 


I have a job. Is this workshop just for unemployed people?

This program is for anyone who wants to be happier in their daily lives – not just work! Studies show 8 out of 10 people seek to do something different with their lives. 48 Days To The Work You Love believes that work should and can be about more than taking home a paycheck. It is about finding the perfect, personal, emotionally and spiritually fit for you and that includes significant inward-looking exercises and processes to encourage your growth potential. The workshop can help those who are unemployed or unhappy in their current work situation, but everyone can expect to gain meaningful insights from the exploratory exercises.

This workshop is much more than refining your resume and conducting a job search (which is part of the process). We will explore setting attainable and stretch goals, creating your personal mission statement, and identifying ways to succeed in all areas of your life. You are more than just an employee.

Interestingly, some workshop participants have been surprised to learn and receive the affirmation and confidence that they are already doing what they are best suited to do in their current position. What an affirmation! Others have expressed what they gained from the workshop had less to do with their career and everything to do with addressing their personal life balance and how they had prioritized the other six areas of their lives: Emotional, Physical, Financial, Social, Spiritual and Family. And many have recognized that the critical personality profile helped them understand how and why they act/react the way they do – that has been a big eye-opener for many.

The bottom line is this: The experience on which you are about to embark is more than a career transition workshop. This can be the impetus for a life-changing perspective that can inspire you to see the many opportunities that lie before you, no matter where they are in life! And the fact that those areas don’t have to be siloed from one another; in fact, they work together when they are thoughtfully enmeshed to create a satisfying, fulfilling life.

With all the career workshops, programs and coaches available today,why should I pick Choose Awesome Presents 48 Days To The Work You Love Workshop?

Imagine the world where everyone is doing awesome work that is personally meaningful. Am I the right person for you and are you the right participant for me?

Thousands have trusted their career path to the time-tested, proven strategies of the 48 Days to The Work You Love program, and I am one of them.

I am honored to be a recognized facilitator of the complete program – that’s how much I believe it helped me and can help you, too. Through my personal growth experience with the course and many years plodding through the corporate world, I am excited to share the insights, resources and tools I have learned along my journey with you in this enhanced edition. Perhaps no one course can satisfy everyone’s wants and needs, but the success of this particular program for thousands makes me believe it can work for you if you invest your time, heart and effort into doing the exploratory work required.

How long will it take me to complete Choose Awesome Presents 48 Days To The Work You Love Workshop?

Choose Awesome presents 48 Days To The Work You Love Workshop is designed to be as the name implies 48 days which is approximately 7 weeks in length. However, it is self-study. self-paced in nature, so you may work ahead if you like. Many exercises, though, require contemplative thought so avoid the temptation to run through them. Take the time to be thorough in your responses so you get the most out of the course offerings as this is a discovery and growth process.

I have some travel and other commitments planned over will I miss out and be behind?

No, you won’t be behind. Once enrolled you have lifetime access to the workshop site and support. The workshop is self-paced some participants complete it all in 48 Days and others have been on more a 48 Week schedule. The choice is yours. The workshop insights are available to you return.

What kind of support can I expect from you?

I know first hand how easy it is to get stuck in the process and wishing I had someone to help me get unstuck and back on track. When I designed this workshop, it was important to me for you to have me there with you for support, as needed. You can expect to see me responding to your questions and giving you support on your journey in the private Facebook group. I truly am there for you. I want you to succeed. We’re in this together!

I choose the DIY Online Workshop option and am 2 weeks in, can I add On-Demand Coaching now to my workshop?

Yes, I offer On-Demand coaching as an add on for 90 days of support. Learn more here.

A few years ago I attended an in-person 48 Days Seminar. Is this the same content?

The 10th anniversary edition of 48 Days To The Work You Love was recently released. This updated, refreshed course features approximately 60 percent new content, and you’re in a different place than you were then, so revisiting some of your prior responses will shed light on your growth.

With the release of that new edition, the 48 Days team redesigned the seminars to include a 260-page application guide, supporting materials and more. Even if you started or completed the course in the past, you will notice updated content in this enhanced edition to make your quest more fulfilling.

How long will it take to receive the materials and what is included?

After I receive you non-obligation application, I will answer any questions you may have had. In my reply you will receive a payment link. If a right fit, once payment is received you will receive your log in for the workshop site and an invite to the Facebook community so you can get started right away. I will send out your participant kit via Priority Mail the next business day.

Do you mail outside of the US?

Just let me know in your application you are located outside of the US and I will get back to you re: shipping.

How is this workshop different than Dan Miller’s 48 Days To The Work You Love online seminar?

Choose Awesome Presents 48 Days Workshop is built on Dan’s 48 Days To The Work You Love framework– with his blessing. Regardless of who, how, and where the program is taught, the participant kit and process is the same. The difference in Choose Awesome Presents workshop are enhancements of stories, additional tools, and resources to aid and enrich your journey from my experience personally and that I have used with clients.

Why do I need the workshop? Can't I just read the book?

You can read the book and follow the steps outlined to find or create work you love in 48 days. That has worked for many and I did it that way myself.

But here's the thing ...It was hard. I discovered that support, encouragement, community and validation during my journey would have been helpful, welcome additions. In this enhanced program, you will receive the workshop and strategies broken down into weekly assignments along with a daily checklist in the application guide to keeping you focused, motivated, on task, and schedule. I will also share with you my personal insights and additional resources from my own journey of discovery. Plus, you will have access to fellow travelers on this journey and me in our exclusive Facebook group. It’s a great place to go for that additional motivation when you need a helping hand. We are all here to connect and inspire one another!

How much time should I commit each week?

Plan to invest at least 30 minutes a day for the next 48 days to see your dreams unfold and come to life, and experience the exhilarating joy of finding work you LOVE.

How long will I have access to the online workshop site?

You will have access to Choose Awesome Presents 48 Days To The Work You Love online workshop site for the lifetime of the workshop.

Once I complete the program, how long will I have access to the exclusive Facebook group for continued support?

Like with the Choose Awesome workshop site you will have lifetime access to the Facebook Group and I hope you share your journey, insights, and experience with others as an alumni of the program.

What if I don’t find a job in 48 days?

This workshop isn’t a magic formula or a guarantee, but it is a proven process. You must commit to do the personal exploratory, contemplative work. But when you follow and commit to the steps, we believe you will find work that is meaningful, purposeful, and profitable. This is a practical process and journey that may need to be adapted to the realities of your life. It may take less than 48 days or it may take more. The end goal is what to keep in mind rather than the days on a calendar.

I noticed the 48 Days book was published by a Christian book publisher. What if I don’t identify as a Christian?

Regardless of your spiritual background or religious inspirations, we all have one thing in common: We want to discover or create work that we love. Dan Miller approaches this journey from a biblical world view and as such, he shares spiritual, biblical, and stories based in other belief systems. The objective is to learn and assimilate the valuable lessons; his chosen sources are simply vehicles to help convey the messages. This isn’t about conversion to a singular belief system, nor is it one-sided, preaching, disapproving, or attempting to spread a particular spiritual/religious message, other than helping you open up your life to explore it from all angles to help you find work you love and what matters to you. Miller is sharing his approach which you can shape however you like to help you understand the inspirations offered. If you find a reference that is less than comfortable, mold it to suit your preferences. If you have additional concerns, please contact me.

What is your refund policy?

If you aren't fully committed to changing your situation and finding work you truly enjoy, don't buy this course. If you commit to the work, you will see results; if you don't, you won't. If you are not satisfied for any reason, you may return your Welcome Box materials within 14 days from your purchase date for a full refund of the purchase price (excluding shipping). Just send me an email at and we will try our best to resolve the issue. I believe in this program – as do many others – and I want you to be happy with it. It requires personal exploration and doing things differently, which can be uncomfortable, but I encourage you to stay with it to achieve real, lasting results. You CAN do it!

I have a question not covered here. How do I get it answered?

Email me at

If you've made it this far, let's discover work that lights you up. You deserve it!

You choose what options works best for you



48 Days Participant Kit

Lifetime Access to Choose Awesome Presents 48 Days Workshop Site where you will find exclusive insights and resources

YouEconomy Insight special publication from Success Magazine

Resume Review with one round of edit review suggestions

Private Facebook Support Community 



48 Days Participant Kit

Lifetime Access to Choose Awesome Presents 48 Days Workshop Site where you will find exclusive insights and resources

YouEconomy Insight special publication from Success Magazine

Resume Review with unlimited edit review suggestions for 90 days

Private Facebook Support Community 

On-Demand Coaching via email or call for 90 days

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