Unlimited On-Demand Coaching Program Add On

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Leadership Disovery (10).png

Unlimited On-Demand Coaching Program Add On


Add On Additional, Persoalized Support When You Need It To Your Workshop with On-Demand Coaching

  • Unlimited Coaching for 3 months your choice of an on-demand 15-minute call (or less) or email support
  • Take Action in the form of homework, an assignment or challenge we agree upon designed to help move you forward
  •  Post Session Recap email with brief summary of what we discussed, action item review, and link to schedule your next call
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Thanks for your application! Let's get started.

1. After payment is received, you will receive access to my schedule to book your first coaching session. 
Your first coaching session is 30 minutes long and on that call, we will:
          a. Review your goals and that your current challenges
              I can help you with
          b. Understand your commitment to the process of
              change and growth
          c. Go over the necessary steps required to
              meet your challenges and reach your goals (aka

          d. If we decide we are a good fit, you can set up your
              first session online. If not a fit, I will fully refund your

2. Complete Your Homework and Schedule Your Next Call
Your homework is tasks, assignments or to-dos for you to take action on that we agree upon. As soon as you’ve completed those tasks, you can schedule you can schedule your next On Demand coaching session. Some clients complete their homework and schedule their next call that very same day.

Any questions let me know!