People come to me to help them tap into their potential and unleash their awesome in the areas of career and leadership.

Choose Awesome is your source for help with:

  • Writing your stand out, interview-getting, land-your-dream-job resume, and a job search strategy guaranteed to get you seen.
  • Building confidence in your awesome knowledge, skills, and experience.
  • Develop mad-ass leadership skills that make people trip over their own feet to follow you. 

How does Choose Awesome help me with that?

Who are you? 

I’m a former Disney Princess, a doctor like Indiana Jones, and a mother of a retired racing greyhound named Landon, who also goes by “LL Cool Grey”. I read a lot but also watch a lot of TV and go to shows. It’s me doing my part to support the entertainment industry here in Los Angeles. I’m married to my very own Prince Charming named Todd who is an Imagineer at Disney.  

Were you really a Disney Princess?

It depends on who you ask … But I do have “ears” of experience working for the Walt Disney Company and my very first job of my 20+ year career was working in Cinderella Castle. You were thinking it was as an It’s Small  World Doll, right? … I get that a lot. 

Disney Princess

What did you do at Disney?

After getting my start in the castle, I went on to have 17 varied jobs within Disney around the world developing people, process, running operations, building culture, and creating magic. I worked in Theme Parks & Resorts, Disney Consumer Products, Walt Disney International, and Disney Studio Entertainment in operations, research, human resources, learning and organizational development. It was the ultimate wild ride leading to my work abroad–in China and throughout Asia. 

You lived in China?

Do you speak Chinese?

After working at Walt Disney World for many years, we sold our house, cars, and jumped at an opportunity to relocate to Shanghai, China to develop the training team to support Disney English and live in an apartment the size of my closet in Orlando.  I lived in China for 4.5 years and can speak survival Mandarin— Taxi, shopping, and ordering food.

Is there life after China? Aloha! I relocated back to the US to work at the beautiful Aulani, A Disney Resort & Spa and believe my ‘Ōlelo Hawai’i is better than my Mandarin and then landed at the Walt Disney Studios in California prior to starting Choose Awesome Coaching. 

How are you a doctor like Indiana Jones?

When referred to as Dr. Morgan, I’m asked if I’m a medical doctor. I explain I’m not a medical doctor but a Ph.D. like Indiana Jones except he studied archeology. I studied education and what makes people awesome. It comes in handy when I’m told I have a typo.  I tell people I have a Ph.D. in typos and new words.

How did you become a leadership expert? 

I’m hesitant to call myself a leadership expert, but the thousands I’ve helped to develop their leadership skills and style through my work with the Disney University and Disney Institute might disagree.

My non-negotiable values are to be more HUMAN. To connect, engage, and inspire the hearts and minds of people and not to be a bosshole.

I believe in my bones in this style of leadership practice so much that I was recognized with a handful of Mousecars, which is the Disney version of an Academy Award over the years as well as receiving a Disney Lifetime Achievement Award during my career. 

My prior leadership experience includes my very first leadership role at Disney.  I was 24 years old and I couldn’t keep a house plant alive. Suddenly I found myself responsible for over 400 employees at Epcot. I also campaigned and got elected president of a HOA (what was I thinking?).

Wait! You have a lifetime achievement award from Disney? 

Yes! I received the award before I was 30 for my contributions to business results, employee excellence, and customer satisfaction. It’s like a Disney EGOT.

I took my father to the ceremony, which he still talks about. He really loved that bacon-wrapped lobster tail they served.

*EGOT is an acronym for “Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, Tony” in reference to persons who have won all four awards.

How did you get into resume writing and personal branding?

I believe the recruiting process is broken.

The notion that you spend days and weeks keyword stuffing  your resume to appeal to a computer in hopes that an inanimate machine will “select” you from the masses is a real fairy tale. 

You, your knowledge, skills, and experience deserve better than that!

Being a bit of a nerd, I became obsessed with finding the secret decoder ring of the job search process, resumes, all of it.

I use nontraditional job search strategies and help you craft resumes, profiles, and cover letters in a way that screams READ ME—guaranteed to get you seen in the job market and not make you sound like a robot professor who “Consistently demonstrates exceptional knowledge and decision-making abilities” (actual line I used in an old resume of mine). 

What makes you different?

Once upon a time… (that’s how all good stories start, right?)

I was hand-picked to be a VIP tour guide at Walt Disney World where I would host guests, celebrities, dignitaries, and executives during their visit at the parks. It’s one of the most exclusive and personalized ways to experience the parks.

I learned the magic and impact this level of service brings to an experience so when I started my business, I decided to make that level of service avaialble to my clients who want it.  Highly personal, customized, one-on-one.

If you are like, who’s that? It’s actor Charlton Heston and his Grandson and comedian Bob Hope. 


Who do you work with?

My clients are often multi-passionate and creative-minded humans who often put others first leaving little time for themselves who have worked for great success and yet a little unhappy inside, or that something is missing, wrong, and often feeling guilty for having what they do, wanting more or something different.

I’ve worked across all industries. Entertainment, finance, sales, non-profit, photography, hospitality, business, tech, and more. 



I have a business. 
Can I hire you to help my business?

I’d be thrilled to serve as a consultant to your business. Here are the areas in which I can provide the most support: 

Customer Service|Employee Experience|Process Improvement|Leadership Development|Training
 Let’s chat.

So, where does the name Choose Awesome come from? 

I believe the greatest pop band EVER is Wham! and that I was going to marry George Michael. Unfortunately, he was taken from us all too soon for that to happen.

In an appearance on the UK’s Top of the Pops the boys from Wham! wore white t-shirts with “Number One” written on them. In the official video for their #1 song Wake Me Up Before You Go Go they wore Choose Life t-shirts and the band Go-Go shirts which became the inspiration for Choose Awesome and the official company uniform.

Wham! is also how I wound up living in China. Another story for another day.

I also believe every day is a choice. So choose awesome or not awesome. What are you going to choose? I want to know! Say Hi and let me know. 

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