Must have been the dress. It was pretty shiny.. 

Must have been the dress. It was pretty shiny.. 


A Former Disney Princess

Well...kinda... I worked in Cinderella's castle and was often mistaken for a princess... 

It was a childhood dream of mine to work for Disney. I wanted to create magic and make dreams come true.

I packed my car and headed to Florida from Massachusetts to get a job at Disney.

My unique Disney career started in Fantasyland merchandise at Walt Disney World where I learned it's a small world after all and had the opportunity to grow into various roles in Disney Theme Parks & Resorts, Disney Consumer Products, Walt Disney International, and Disney Studio Entertainment around the world. (For more on my Disney career, click here)

Disney Nerd Fact:  I have been to all the Disney Parks in the world.

My favorite is the original, Disneyland followed by Tokoyo DisneySea. How about you?

 Disney Bling

Disney Bling

I am honored to have received a few Mousecars, the Disney equivalent of an Academy Award over the years as well as a life-time achievement award before I was 30, Partners in Excellence. It's like a Disney EGOT as it recognizes excellence in 3 areas: business results, employee excellence, and customer satisfaction.  

As shared, I started as a front line Cast Member (employee) in theme park operations (merchandise, attractions, custodial, guest relations) and worked my way up the ranks of leadership roles in operations and organizational and professional development around the world.

I designed, delivered, and marketed training development programs to employees through the Disney University in the US and Asia. I also had the unique opportunity to develop and provide external business training to individuals and organizations who wanted to learn from Disney with the Disney Institute.

I enjoy learning, sharing concepts, and discussing theory (I am bit of a nerd like that) but my real love, what lights me up is working with people to take dreams into action and make them come true.  I was born to be a coach. 

We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things
— Walt Disney

 Send me a  message  if you know where I am. 

Send me a message if you know where I am. 

The Transition

I loved working for Disney and learned so much about the importance of creating a culture, a place people want to work in, and processes to support people. 

Being multi-passionate I had more dreams. I dreamed: 

  • To support people with customized, point of need support to become awesome leaders.
  • To support companies in becoming awesome places to work and do business with because of their awesome culture, processes, and outcomes they produce that make the world more awesome.  
  • Help people discover their awesome and find jobs, companies, and leaders that value their awesome.  

It took me a while to make my next dream come true as I had FOMO.

Fear Of Moving On

I thought I had to be nuts to give up a career many dream about. Others would think I'm nuts. So I didn't. 

Instead I ran away to China because that's not nuts... 

After 4.5 years in Shanghai with The Walt Disney Company (China) followed by 1.5 years in Hawaii I landed in Los Angeles and was at a crossroad on what’s next.

I mustered up all my courage and did the scary, exciting and very emotional thing. I left my comfy Disney where I could have stayed easily for another 20 years and gave myself the option to live the dream of becoming a stay at home dog mom. With no alarm clock, commute, and the freedom to work when, what,  where, with who,  and how I want. 

Supporting others on developing human skills training and building their  confidence to find their happiness and create their magic.  It's awesome!

I Believe

I believe every day we have a choice.


I also believe: 

1. People are awesome.

  • If people don't get you they don't deserve you. 
  • There’s a need to bring human back. Especially in business. Without people, there’s no business.
  • I believe the way you build, grow, and sustain awesome in business (insert you definition of awesome business here) is by engaging the hearts and minds of people. How you treat people matters. 

2. You're An Adult and Not Stuck. If You Are Stuck There's A Way Out. 

3. People Have Short Attention Spans.

I'm going to let you in on a little secret. I have a short attention span, get bored quickly, and don't like long term commitments or movies.  It's not just me...I bet you do too. A study has shown that goldfish have longer attention span than humans! 

I  keep the attention span of my clients clients and mine in mind.

Personal Stuff

 Landon Such the LA Hipster

Landon Such the LA Hipster

I'm multi-passionate, a renaissance soul. For years I was told this is not good and lead to believe something was wrong with me because I had many interests. Nothing is wrong with me! It's a superpower.

I've  started a handful of businesses. From having a vegetable/lemonade stand as a child to a boutique travel agency, an online pearl jewelry business, and some other dabbling and various collaborations now and again. 

I've been a Homeowner's Association President (I know crazy) a  community theater producer, and an adjunct professor in business and hospitality. 

I am curious and love to learn non stop. 

When I am not collecting degrees (I hold a Ph.D. in Education, Leadership Development and Training, a MBA with a focus on Quality Management, a BA in Psychology, an AA in Liberal Arts) or posting pics of my retired ex-racing greyhound Landon—also known as LL Cool Grey—I am reading, traveling, hiking, hanging out with my husband Todd, who is an Imagineer with Disney and my friends, or I can be found watching TV, which I do to support the local economy here in LA. 

 Disney Consulting

If you’ve made it this far, I think we could be friends or work together! If you haven't gotten enough... 

  • I love Dolly Parton, George Michael, Elvis, Sir Tom Jones, Sandra Bernhard, and my Peloton bike (LB: Chooseawesome)
  • I played Little League Baseball, the only girl
  • Peanut butter cups & gummy bears are my weaknesses 
  • Hamilton is brilliant! I'm obsessed
  • My air fryer is amazing
  • Arrested Development is the greatest TV show ever. 
  • I'm so glad Queer Eye is back on Netflix! I cry every episode 

Here's where I have been honored to be featured and have had others said about me. 


 Choose Awesome Featured on Dan Miller 48 Days Radio Show

48 Days podcast

Featured as a success story by  New York Times Best Selling Author, Dan Miller on his 48 Days Online Radio Show. Named one on INC. 100 podcasts that make you smarter, better, wiser & top career podcast for 2018.

Top Podcast 2018 48 Days.jpeg

Click to listen to clip below: 

Featured by WHen I grow Up as a case study

 Choose Awesome Featured on When I Grow UP

Contributor to Living Above the maze

Included with these incredible authors, speakers, coaches who are out there making their dreams a reality and helping others–there are no words. Thank you Chet for the opportunity!  Let's all keep living above the maze!


 Choose Awesome Featured in When I Grow Up Case Study

Read the case study here





 Rebecca Morgan Author 

 Client card

I enjoy how you relate your experience, add your view and usually with humor

You are a pure ray of sunshine in my murky, confused head. Love your style, grace, smarts and savvy... and your GIRL POWERS!

A great advocate of both the guest experience and company bottom line

Dropping some KNowledge on My Biggest Dream Biz Lesson

"No one REALLY knows what they are doing"

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 When I grow up logo 



 Humbled by a poem 

I am so inspired by your passion, drive and the ability to make people feel appreciated


In The Chinese Press and SOcial MediA

When I moved to China my Father told me to stay out of jail and the papers. I stayed out of jail Dad....

  In the PRC newspaper. Taken during the JP Morgan Corporate Challenge in Shanghai. It says how fast I am in Chinese (I think). 

In the PRC newspaper. Taken during the JP Morgan Corporate Challenge in Shanghai. It says how fast I am in Chinese (I think). 

  Time Out Shanghai feature for Shanghai charities at the Charity Spinathon sponsored by Spinback Fitness  

Time Out Shanghai feature for Shanghai charities at the Charity Spinathon sponsored by Spinback Fitness  

 On China Social Media-QQ Weixin & WeChat campaign. When I say I am big in China. It is true! I am much larger than most there. I had trouble finding shoes!

On China Social Media-QQ Weixin & WeChat campaign. When I say I am big in China. It is true! I am much larger than most there. I had trouble finding shoes!

  Holding a panda in china.  Where else but China can you hold a panda?!

Holding a panda in china. Where else but China can you hold a panda?!

OK if you made it this far.. seriously! Join me for a Talk, Walk & Wag!  A FREE, No-OBLIGATION session where we can dive into your career, confidence, work and business related struggles and get to know each other! It's fun, relaxed and my dog Landon, "LL cool Grey" loves to join in. 

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