You ARE A Leader If.... 10 Things Leaders Do.

You ARE A Leader If... 10 Things Leaders Do

A friend of mine reminds me of a unicorn. Seriously, she is like magic. So smart, caring, fun, and wicked talented. She called me recently to talk her down from the irritating day she was having at work. Even unicorns like her aren’t immune to those days. We all have them.

I listened.

Agreeing with everything she shared.

Meetings can be a big waste of time, collaborations can be painful, people are glued to their cell phones and not even listening, politics at work (and in the U.S.) are annoying, and the use of buzz words like “optics” is just so silly and makes you look stupid. Unless you’re an optician.

She shared a story of providing coaching and suggestions to a member of one of the collaboration teams she is on because she just had to. Then mentioned she is not their leader and probably stepped out of line.


The needle on the record scratched and I stopped her right there, reminding her that in having the need to help someone, taking action on that need by providing coaching and suggestions, makes her a leader. She is a leader.

Leadership is a choice, not a position
— Stephen Covey

Every single one of us is a leader.

A title, position, office, or company car does not make you a leader. We all know people in positions of “leadership” that — given the choice — we would NEVER have chosen to work for.

They may have the title of “leader” but they model qualities that instinctively tell us they are not a leader we would follow by choice, listen to, or go near if we didn’t have to. There is a big difference. We tolerate them and their poor behavior because of boxes on an org chart and, sadly, the deep-down real reason. A four-letter word: FEAR.

Behaviors and actions are what makes a leader.

Here are 10 things that make you a leader.

You are a leader when you:

  1. Think differently.

  2. Share ideas.

  3. Speak up.

  4. Influence others.

  5. Listen.

  6. Support.

  7. Share.

  8. Ask questions.

  9. Encourage.

  10. Care.

Have you done any of those things? I know you have and that makes you a leader. I want you to remember this! So read it again and say it with me: I AM A LEADER. Own it.

I also want you to commit to being the kind of leader that people want to be around. Not because they are forced to because the org chart says they have to or from a place of FEAR.

You know the kind of leader I am talking about. They make you feel valued, respected, smart, that you have good ideas to contribute, and that you matter — not only for the business but in this world as a human. These leaders are awesome and all too infrequently encountered, just like a unicorn. The world needs more unicorns. Be a unicorn!

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