5 Reasons Why I Don't Do The Work and The 3 Things I Started To Stop That

Getting Stuff Done And Doing The Work Is Not The Same

I am really good at doing other things than what I should be doing. If getting stuff done was an Olympic event, I would take Phelps as the most decorated Olympian of all time. I am that good.

Take this article as an example. I actually stopped doing the work, that inspired the article, to write about doing the work versus getting stuff done. You with me still? Here is the stuff I got done:

  • Made cookies for my husband (nothing says I love you like cookies!)
  • Cleaned out my Inbox
  • Made labels for storage bins
  • Took out the trash & recycling
  • Cleaned the entire house including floors, windows and bath (the place looks amazing!)
  • Created a dog adoption announcement for our coming soon dog (see above for my masterpiece!)
  • Decided a street/hip-hop name for dog was needed and after brainstorming decided on LL Cool Grey
  • Called my Parents to tell them all about their grand-dog and that he would like to be called LL
  • Changed my address online for Costco (I noticed people the other day had coupons and I didn’t)
  • Looked up who is playing at the Hollywood Bowl, researched the best seats and snacks to bring
  • Wrote in my Journal (you know it is bad when I journal!)
  • Rearranged furniture to accommodate dog bed
  • Checked on Amazon for dog accessories and lighted tree branches for a vase

That was my morning. It is pretty impressive what I got done but it was not what I should have been doing.

But wait, before I do what I should be doing I realized I haven’t had lunch! Let’s add made and ate lunch to my list of accomplishments.

With lunch out of the way, there is nothing else I could have possibly done except polish the silver (truth be told, I don’t have any silver.. but if I did I would do it!) I finally sat down, focused, and did the work and it felt amazing!! I was feeling so good about it, giddy, I had to stop and write a blog post about it. :) Writing a new blog post is something that has been on the list.  I have been putting off.  Not only did I get work done, I did a blog post! I am unstoppable. Why can't I do this all the time? 

My Top 5 Reasons Why I Often Don’t Do The Work:

  1.  It is hard and hurts my brain
  2.  It takes time to do it, who has time in the world of on-demand?
  3. Fear of failure, what if it sucks, what if I suck or look stupid?
  4. Fear of success, what if I rock it? What if I can’t do it again?
  5. I don’t know how or where to start?

Do any of these keep you from doing the work? Please let me know what are your reasons for not doing the work in the comments so I know it is not me and I don’t look stupid (see #3 reason above!). 

Doing what I should be doing feels so good!  Here are 3 things I started doing to keep my focus and momentum on doing the work: 

1. Use a planner. 

I have already shared my love of journaling… you can imagine a planner is not high on my list. Although, I remember the days of Franklin Covey planners and rolling into meetings with my Franklin, an adult version of a Trapper Keeper.           However, I did break down and try planning. I started with a Passion Planner. Amazing FREE resources can be found on the web site to give it a try!  I love the to do lists. I found is not my style to plan my day out hourly, I don't like so much structure so I rarely used the daily pages except for the to do lists. If your thing, I highly recommend!

I am now using the Spark Planner. It has time chunked into Morning, Noon and Night which works much better for me. I found I like the goal setting, achievement tracker and the monthly challenge more than I thought. This is part of doing the work! In the past, I would skip the "woo-woo" stuff and get to planning. There is something to it.. try it and you will see! 

2. Set a Timer

If I have to get something done that I don’t want to do but should I set a timer. I have often found the timer goes off and I continue what I am working on because I am in the zone! Give it a try!

3. Celebrate & reward!

If stickers and gold foil stars are your thing, super! I prefer snacks or binge watching with no remorse.  Take this post for example. If I get this post done, I will reward myself with a trip to Yogurtland for the limited time horchata flavor. Set a goal, set a reward and see what work you can get done. It works! 

I love to learn new tips, tricks and hacks to getting the work done. Please share in the comments yours and what work you got done. Lets celebrate together! 

PS I will let you know how horchata yogurt is!

We spent too much time at work/working for it not to be awesome. I hope to inspire others to choose awesome work. It is possible. Come join!