Haven’t updated Your LinkedIn Profile in A While? It Shows!

Would you like to stand out on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is the top professional networking site, and in 2017 it was reported that 87% of recruiters use LinkedIn.

It’s 2018, and I’m pretty sure that number has increased.

I know some of you are like no thank you. I’m not looking for a job.

Here’s the thing… you might not be looking now, but you never know when an opportunity may come your way and you need to look like you have your act together on LinkedIn.

I’ve been working with people to stand out in the crowded and frustrating job market by helping them create a resume that screams READ ME! I also work with them 1:1 to find or create work they love, prep for interviews so that employers MUST have them, and more. 

After looking at hundreds of LinkedIn profiles, here are my top 3 must-dos NOW to not look like you don’t understand technology or that you hadn’t updated your profile since 2014 — when these features came out.

Even if you don’t really understand technology… I’ll give you the steps below so you can look like you do, update your profile, and stand out!


Have one. I’m amazed by the number of people who actually don’t have a professional and appropriate photo. No, one of you on vacation at the beach, at the club or wearing sunglasses or a hat doesn’t count. Those are not professional or appropriate (although you do look super cute.) A photo of your face —preferably smiling to show you are friendly and approachable.


In addition to your profile photo, it’s the first thing people see. Use this space to brand yourself. If you’re an artist, something artsy. A chef, something food related. Don’t over think it, you can always change it. Just don’t leave the generic blue connection graphic.

Here’s what I’m talking about and what you need to update NOW.

LinkedIn Profile


When you sign up for a LinkedIn account, you are given a personal URL that links to your profile. How nice of them! Kinda… it generates your URL by giving you a combination of your name and a number— linkedin.com/in/yourname/8675309/. It’s long, hard to remember, and often difficult to fit on your resume.  

Good news is you can customize it! I suggest simplify it to your name and remove the numbers. Keeping it as short and simple to type in. Like email addresses with popular names, there’s a chance your name is not available. Tip: add your middle initial.

There you have it. My 3 things to that will take under 5ish minutes to do, and you will stand out and own 2018.

If not sure how to update your profile, here’s the how to:

To Change or Add Your LinkedIn Profile or Background Photo: 

  1. Click the Me icon at the top right of your LinkedIn homepage.

  2. Click View profile.

  3. Click the Edit icon (looks like a pencil) and Change photo.

  4. Select an image from your computer to upload and click Open.

  5. Click Apply.

  6. Click Save

  7. Celebrate! You did it!

To Change Your LinkedIn Public Profile URL:

  1. Click the Me icon at the top right of your LinkedIn homepage.

  2. Click View profile.

  3. On your profile page, click Edit public profile & URL on the right (kinda in the margin).

  4. Under Edit Public Profile & URL in the right margin, click the Edit icon (pencil) next to your public profile URL. It'll be an address that looks like www.linkedin.com/in/yourname.

  5. Type the last part of your new custom URL in the text box keep it as short and simple as you can and professional.

  6. Click Save

  7. Celebrate! You did it now add it to your resume so people can find your awesomeness.

Now that you know how to personalize your LinkedIn profile, what are you waiting for? Go and be AWESOME on LinkedIn! 

Want a little more on how to stand out in the sea of results-oriented professionals like yourself? Schedule a Talk, Walk & Wag guidance call with me and we can bust out some ideas while I walk my dog. No sales pitch, no obligation, just you, me and Landon (my dog) having a relaxed chat that supports you and challenges you to choose awesome.

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