Don't Be Beige


Dear Addison and Michael,

I do believe that children are our future as the great, late Whitney Houston sang in The Greatest Love of All.

She also said "crack is wack" which is good to keep in mind as well.

It's 2018. Michael, you just celebrated your 2nd Birthday with your sister Addison who is 3 years old.

Your pop culture loving aunt is so inspired by young people today. They are speaking out, standing up for what they believe and they are changing the world.

I have no doubt you'll be on that path. The future is so bright because you are in it.  We all gotta wear shades and probably do somewhat due to climate change which is real, according to science and not fake news.

No doubt at all.

Here's my promise. I'll be there for you. To support you and help you figure it out as you make the world more awesome for all in it.

I'm going to start now by writing down all the learnings I have collected over the years through experience, observations, and trial and error about being human.

It's not a midlife crisis or anything like that—regardless of what your Grandmother CC saysI have a lot on my mind, I'm multi-passionate, and I tend to be forgetful having so much going on. Just this morning I couldn't remember if I put laundry soap in the washing machine… so I'm just going to write things down. Here's why.

Robots & The Future

No one really knows what the future is going to bring and I feel there's a good chance you are going to be living among robots. Uncle Todd's current favorite show Westworld on HBO wasn't that far-fetched now was it?

We live among humans today who behave and act like robots. They dress the same, talk the same, walk the same, same, same, same, and it's boring. 

It's like how I feel about the color beige currently. Beige is boring.  Here's the thing I was beige for a long time. It's comfy being beige. You don't stand out or draw attention to yourself when you're beige. You just exist. You're not living and definitely not living to your potential, but you tell yourself you are happy being beige, look at all the stuff you have, these measures of “success" & happiness.

Beige takes on a pattern often referred to as rinse and repeat (Urban Dictionary).

At work, it looks like this. Wake up, put on the drab power suit, go to work, keep your head down, mouth shut and watch the clock till it's time to go home, and repeat. People do this over and over for years.

I don't wish that upon anybody, and I hope you don't have to live and work like that.

Don't Be Beige Be Awesome

You are far from beige right now. Just the other day Addison in an "Addism" (the stuff that comes out of her mouth) declared that when she grows up,

"I want to be myself when I grow up!". 

Girl, sing it.

That is something we all want, but then something happens as we get older… we don't do it. We hide, are embarrassed to do, say, share, feel, wear what we really want to and be.  I'm hoping it doesn't happen to either of you, but just in case it does. No matter what, be human.

I want you to embrace the awesomeness of being human. All of it. The joy and pains and the sunshine and rain (Rob Base & DJ E-Z Rock) of being human and the interactions with other humans. It's magic. ✨

I call it human skills.

Human skills focus on things like how be a team member people want to work around, to be a leader people want to follow, and how to create a culture and environment people want to get up out of bed for and do their best work in. 

Human skills aren't rocket science. They're really common sense but they aren't taught let alone practiced regularly. They're hard and require conscious and consistent practice. Not unlike the commitment, dedication, and study you give to Paw Patrol. I'll be sure to throw in some findings of studies on various topics because science is real. 

Enough on that for now. 

Be Human. Be You. Be Awesome.

Your #1 aunt.

PS. I keep your Mom and #2 aunt in their place by signing cards and such #1 which is true due to birth order. Holding to that fact, I am #1 Aunt. Don't forget it.

PPS. Because everything is new again thanks to the hipsters, for example, music was once listened to on records, then 8-track tapes, cassettes, CDs, digitally, and now we are back to vinyl records. It's the Circle of Life (Lion King). 

PPPS. You probably don't write. Handwriting is no longer being taught in schools today so you will probably have telepathy to communicate which will be a mess like text messaging is today.  Here's hoping your day hipsters bring back blogs, so I'm posting your letters on a blog written on a 12-inch MacBook Retina early 2015 (just in case it even matters).