Connecting The Pieces of Awesome Leadership

Leadership Puzzle Framework

I have TONS of experience managing teams and learning through observation and trial and error how to be the best possible leader and what not to do as a leader.

I’ve seen new and experienced managers so out of touch with the REAL reason successful teams are so successful!

They struggle everyday with the best ways to motivate their teams to show up to work. Do their jobs and grow the bottom line. It's a lot, I know.  

What makes some leaders awesome and others not? 

Common Sense Common Practice
What is common sense isn’t common practice.
— Stephen Covey

Putting it simply, awesome leaders aren’t bossholes.


They are the complete opposite of a bosshole. They are a leader.

Sticking with Covey,

Leadership Choice not position
Leadership is a choice, not a position.
— Stephen Covey

Every single one of us can be an awesome leader.

A title, position, office, and company car does not make you a leader.

We all know people in positions of “leadership” that, given the choice, we would NEVER have chosen to work for. 

They may have the title of “leader” but are not a leader we would follow by choice, listen to, or go near if we didn’t have to.

You get to choose how you want to lead. You get to choose if you are a bosshole.

There are a lot of feelings of frustration, anger, resentment and suffering happening in today’s workplace.

Just as planes fly best with a competent pilot, and ships sail best with a competent captain, every team needs a competent leader to challenge and uplift them to their full potential.
— Rebecca Morgan

I want you to be an awesome leader people choose to follow by giving you a framework for the million moving pieces there are when leading a team.

I’ve put together this graphic, that illustrates the nature of the relationship between awesome leaders and success of a company.

It’s based on proven, practical, evidence-based research and shaped on my bias of how to create sustainable business result and put simply, how NOT to be a bosshole.

The Leadership Puzzle

Leadership Framework

Leadership is like a 1,000+ piece puzzle, so many different pieces to connect.

Where to even start?  

Let’s start with the end pieces. Point A, and Point B.

In our puzzle, the end pieces are:


Sustainable Results

Research has shown clear correlations between leader behaviors, business growth and sustained profitability.

Let me walk you through how these end pieces connect together, to drive sustainable results and long-term profitability for businesses.

It all starts with Leadership.

Your personal leadership.

Your growth and development as a human and a leader. Leadership is all about your behaviors and actions. Show up as a human, not as a title or position. Always put people first, and then the company will achieve great results.

As a leader, it’s your responsibility to take care of, support and create the best environment for those people around you, your Employees, so they can do their best work.

When your employees feel supported, cared for, and their ideas, thoughts, and concerns heard they are going to show up to work and, and stick around longer., They’ll do THEIR  job well -- taking care of your customers/clients.

When your customers/clients are being taken care of and feel good about their experience with your employees, they will be loyal, returning customers, and share how awesome you are with others.

Customer loyalty drives sustained profitability, growth and business results -- AKA, the bottom line.

As you can see visually, all pieces must connect to form a clear picture. All pieces must work together to execute a company’s vision.

While companies can survive with less than impressive leaders, companies can THRIVE when leaders focus on encouraging and motivating their employees, because that’s where it all starts.

An awesome leader means happy employees, happy customers, and AWESOME business results!

How can YOU become a better leader?


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