A Job Posting Is Not A Checklist

A Job Posting Is Not a Checklist

I'm talking to you. 

Here's what else I know. Good chance you are female. 

It's a very female trait to use a job posting as a checklist. Reading every word in each bullet point multiple times, possibly writing your specific experience in the margin of the bullet as you tally up how many of the requirements you meet.

 If = 100%*, then you will apply.  

Males, on the other hand, tend to skim the posting and think "yeah, yeah, I got this and can do it" and will apply if they meet 60% of the criteria*. 

Job postings are often ridiculous. They are written in such a way they are looking for a unicorn. 

The unicorn does not exist, but let us assume it does. 

If the unicorn did meet all the criteria, has experience and skills that met each of the job requirements AND desired requirements (oh yes, they have the desired Ph.D. in Rocket Science).

There's a pretty good chance the unicorn will be disengaged or looking for a new job in just a few months because they are bored out of their mind because they are unable to use their magical unicorn powers. 

No employer, you didn't need a unicorn.

What you need is to stop cutting and pasting from other job descriptions because it sounded good and give some thought about what you really need in the position. While at it, you also need to include the salary range in the posting. 

Until that happens, think of job requirements as more of a wish list. People are hired all the time who didn't have all the job requirements.

Don't let having every single requirement of the posting 100% stop you from applying. 

Use common sense. I don't want you to waste your time or others.  If the job is for an airline pilot and you only have a driver's license that is probably a bit of a stretch… 

The point is, stop using the job posting as a checklist and more of a guideline.

If the job interests you, you have applicable experience to do the job, and you meet around 70-80% of the requirements, apply!

If the job says it requires 3-4 years of experience in a particular area and you have 2 years and rocking it, apply

Apply with a tailored resume and cover letter showcasing your experience, skills, and abilities related to the job and hit apply

If the idea of applying for a job where you don't meet 100% off the job posting requires is giving you angst, good. Apply!

Being conscientious like you are will shine through in your cover letter and during the interview. Remember good employees are hard to find and they need your awesome.

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