I’m super inspired and a tad obsessed with Queen lately.

I am a product of the 80s.

I have a ridiculous love of the camp classic movie Flash Gordon with music by Queen —a-ah!

My roller skating jam in the 80s was Another One Bites the Dust. I had the swagger of Freddie when I laced up my skates — at least felt like I did.

I was alive and fearless. A-ah!

Go Flash Go To 2018

I was having a mother of all Monday’s.

We had no power in the house, and we both needed the car. Todd usually rides his bike to work, but he needed to go to Anaheim and he didn’t want to ride his bicycle.

We decided I’ll drop him off to take a shuttle to the Happiest Place on Earth and I’ll pick him up that evening.

Even without power and the chicken butt 5am shuttle drop off I’m feeling I got this adulting thing down today!

Then I got to start on a project I was super excited about!

My adulting high went downhill at a breakneck, ears first deep dark, a spiral loop of second guessing myself to feeling sorry for myself, doubting all that I do, and wondering WTF is wrong with me?

These are the days it never rains but it pours… more like a deluge!

Yup. One of those days. Ever had one?

Adding to my flash flood with no warning pity party, I had to stay up past my 9pm to pick up Todd from the shuttle.

How was I going even to stay awake?

Eat gummy bears and binge watch tv.

After 3 episodes and taking down a bag, I got antsy.

I put on the 4th episode and opened my laptop to stare at my project and watch the clock.

Tick-tock. Only 30 more minutes until I have to leave to pick up Todd and this day can bite the dust.

Wouldn’t you know it, just a few minutes before I need to leave to pick him up, an idea came to me for the project, but I had to go. I get in the car mumbling.

WOO-WOO warning

It might sound crazy, but I'm owning it.

As I drive to get Todd, I’m thinking more about the idea and notice there are no cars on the street.

Thinking this must be what happens past 9pm when I’m usually asleep. Magic.

A street light turns red. Seriously?! You're going to stop me now? There are no freakin’ cars around.

While stopped, I look over at the bus stop and there’s a Bohemian Rhapsody movie poster. Did you see it? If yes, tell me your thoughts.

On the poster are the words, FEARLESS LIVES FOREVER.

I start thinking about the words, and Freddie, and how I’m glad we saw the amazing Adam Lambert fronting Queen earlier this year. (Don’t knock until you see him. He knows he’s not or even trying to be Mercury).

I sh*t you not, as the light turns green and I begin to accelerate on the radio I hear

*stomp*stomp*clap* *stomp*stomp* clap*

OMG! It’s a sign from the rock legend himself for ME!!


I've got to break free from the fear, doubt, and other things and BS getting in my way.

I crank the radio and blow a kiss to the movie poster because that’s normal…

Also normal, with tears running down my face driving on the freeway I think about how any other night I would have been in bed and not have this experience.

My skin was tingly, I felt alive.

I’m NOW cured of all my self-doubt, feeling sorry for myself, stopped eating my feelings, no longer a fat bottomed girl, life is perfect —and yours can be now too because I have the solution! Read on…

A-ha! Did I get you?

I’m still a work in progress every day and owning that.

Having those moments, feeling under pressure are a part of being human.

Also human, choosing to stop throwing rager pity parties where doubt and fear are on the VIP list.

I've found realizing you are doing it and knowing you are not alone are crucial and that the show must go on.

Keep moving forward. Even if baby steps. Put some Queen on and ask yourself, What Would Freddie Do?

Keep your chin up, it keeps the crown from slipping. 👑

What’s you have a favorite Queen song or lyric? Don’t pretend you don’t like queen and not have one. Let me know if the comments below.

Me? Mine for a long time has been Under Pressure with David Bowie. It’s a great reminder that pressure creates diamonds 💎and those can be added to your crown.

While often listening to Queen, I work with people who want a better career, be a better leader, and be a better business through being human.

I believe engaging with the hearts and brains of people is the way to be and I’m not afraid to proclaim it.

Crown slipping? Crown adjustments are free. I'm currently offering complimentary chats where I’ll review your LinkedIn profile and give you at least 3 specific tips to stand out. You can choose a time that best works for you, here: Walk, Talk & Wag Session.

Seeing the movie!

Seeing the movie!

Seeing Queen at the Hollywood Bowl.

Seeing Queen at the Hollywood Bowl.