Does Your Resume Spark Joy?

I like many became obsessed with decluttering after binge-watching, Tidying Up With Marie Kondo on Netflix.

Asking the question of my stuff, "does it spark joy?".

If it does, you keep it.

If it doesn't, you thank it and get rid of it.


With studies, showing recruiters look at a resume for an average of 6 seconds....

Is it possible that your resume is not sparking joy when an actual person is reading it?


I think there's a really good chance your resume is NOT sparking a blink of joy for your reader and why you are not getting called.

Here's why:

  • It's been keyword stuffed to get picked up by a computer.

  • It's full of bullet points written for a computer, not a human.

  • There's no white space. Margins are stretched to fit in all the buzzwords in hopes to be seen by a computer.

So, should your resume be deemed worthy by a computer...


is passed on to a real, live actual human being with a brain to review...

It can't even hold their attention for more than 6 seconds.

It's not sparking any joy for them.

It's actually boring them.


they are moving on to the next resume in the pile the computer spit out in hopes to find one that brings them joy.

This is your chance to stand out in the overcrowded job market and be the one with a resume that sparks joy!


Good chance your resume is like that drawer stuffed with t-shirts from high school and beyond.

  • You know you should update your resume but you're overwhelmed...

  • Your experience is a jumbled, wrinkled collection of everything you have done...

  • You really don't even know why you are keeping that job from 2004 listed on your resume but it's been on there so long... what if you remove it and regret it...

It is time.

Now, go find your most current resume, wake it up and ask yourself does it spark joy?


Thank it and let's tidy it up!


  1. White space is your friend. Every space doesn't need to be filled.

  2. Don't be boring by keyword stuffing your resume for a computer. Speak a language you are fluent in, human. Tell a story.

  3. Focus on outcomes not listing tasks. Answering telephones all day long does not bring anyone joy...connecting people to the right resources to help them... well that's a different story.

You want a person holding your resume to say YES!

This a person I MUST talk to about their awesome knowledge, skill, and experience.

✨I’m a Human Relations Strategist and I believe engaging with the hearts and minds of people is the way to be and I’m not afraid to proclaim it. 

My uncompromising/non-negotiable values in business and life are to connect and care about people.

My business is called Choose Awesome Coaching and I work with people who dream about a better career, being a better leader, and be a better business through being human. 

I work with people who care and spark joy. ✨

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