Coloring. It's Not Just For Kids

Here's how I'm putting down my phone.

In my conscious effort to not be on my phone as much which started at a Bruno Mars concert where a kid couldn't stop checking the weather, and I couldn't stop watching this kid…

Read about that experience here #putyourphonedown

I channeled some Donna Summer and said enough, is enough, is enough and I'm going to make an effort to not reach for my phone.

While watching TV, instead of mindlessly scrolling on my phone, I did something else.

Remember the adult coloring trend?

I was so into it and then stopped making the time for it.

I'm bringing it back into my life.

Here's what I love about coloring.

The Smell

There's something about "taking a hit" of a box of crayons that takes me back to being a kid. It doesn't matter if it's an 8 pack or the coveted 64 box with built-in sharpener.


Think I am nuts?

Well according to a study crayons are the 18th most recognized smell by adults.  

Going back to being a kid is great.

The days when it was OK to color a tree purple because we were full of imagination, creativity and with no fear of coloring outside of the lines.  If you were to color today would you paint a purple tree? Probably not.

I believe we need to get back to that place. Creativity is not just for kids! We are far too serious and "adult."

Stop adulting for a moment and go ahead take a hit of crayons.

Not just for creativity sake but for your health.

Are You Stressed?

Speaking of too "adult," wouldn't it be nice to go back to a simpler time?

It's possible with coloring!

Coloring as adults has proven to be a stress reducer and just opening a box of crayons and "taking a drag" a study found that can reduce your blood pressure by 10 points!

I think many of us could benefit from taking a little time out and do some coloring.

Yes, you who yelled at the barista for getting your coffee wrong. It's coffee...and your order was a bit ridiculous.  How many half pumps did you ask for? Really? Come on. 

Here’s an idea. More crayon smelling and less twittering

Join me in trading in screen time for more human time.

Want To Give Coloring A Try?

Join me in trading in some of that screen time and try coloring for yourself with this free coloring page download my amazing, talented sister and Mom to my niece and nephew created.

Get it and I'd love to see your awesome work.  

Help Needed: Calling All Young (or Young At Heart) Awesome Artists

At Choose Awesome we do our best to inspire people to be awesome every day, but we need your help! 

I'm looking original, creative, colorful artwork to inspire others to Choose Awesome.

If you know young artists (or young at heart) who would be interested in helping others remember to be awesome we'd love to share your AWESOME art! All submissions will be entered into a drawing for an awesome prize! 

>>>Artists Wanted<<<