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Business Support For Your Awesome Business

Get advice, borrow my brain, learn from my gazillion years of creating, training, implementing, and operating at Disney and starting my own businesses. Or have me work side by side you on a project or just do it for you. The choice is yours.

Done With Or Done For Your Services


Do It With You (you + me)

We work together, I provide guidance, support, resources, hand-holding if needed, and collaboration to get your project done.


Done For You (me)

Do it for you services. You have your finger on everything but I will create and do the work and complete the project for you. 

Projects Examples:

Developing a custom on-boarding program for new employees joining the team

Mystery shopper reports and internal program development

Partnered on creating an emerging leader development program

Developing customer service training when there was none and also giving a makeover to existing training for retention 

Conducted a customer service, recruiting process, on-boarding, training audits providing a detailed report of yays and yucks with suggestions for improvements.

Reviewed current training providing design suggestions and notes to make it more participant friendly and engaging through activities and assignments.

 I believe together is better awesome. As needed, I partner with some of the most creative and talented instructional designers, facilitators, speakers, writers, graphic artists, editors, and specialists to make your project awesome. If you have your own resources, I usually can partner with them as well. 

Projects start at: $175 hour | $500 Half Day | $1000 Full Day

Flat rates and retainers available.

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You're in!

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