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Ever wonder how a fully functional adult (majority of days…) who can multi-task like a boss, is the BOSS, and just gets sh*t done on the daily sits down to update their resume and ends up just staring at the screen like a deer in headlights?

It’s embarrassing.

That the act of updating a resume can cause a full-on panic attack, meltdown and make you question your abilities and think why anyone would hire me?! Is amazing but it happens. 

Ever wonder how someone could stay in a job for years? 

They don’t want to deal with the painful, panic-inducing, paralyzing task update their resume!

Putting forks in your eyes is easier. 

Reality is, most people actually don’t stay in the same job for years. 

A little treat for stat nerds. The average job lasts 2.2 years. 

Layoffs, relocations, working for a bosshole, being bored out of their mind, and other reasons why we are looking for new jobs. 

And why wouldn’t you? 

There are so many opportunities available where you can bring your awesome knowledge, skills, abilities, experience to employers that will love you! All of you. 

If they don’t think you are awesome, there are others out there that will. 

The world is your oyster, shuck on that!

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Imagine having A RESUMe that says READ ME, CALL ME, hire me because of:

  • Your awesome sauce, what makes you unique, and invaluable to employers identified, validated and had the exact words to use in your resume, and on LinkedIn to stand out.

  • A simple, brilliant job search process that actually works.

  • How to beat the evil bots of online applicant tracking systems.

  • Easy adds to your resume that takes less than 15 minutes to beat the 6-second scan recruiters and hiring managers give to resumes.

  • When to follow up to see if your resume was received and not sound desperate.

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Remember that interview where you were asked “tell me about yourself,” and here's what happened:

No 1

You started off telling them how you were born in the wagon of a traveling show, giving them your life story from that point on until today. You see the interviewer’s eyes glossing over, and you just can’t stop yourself because you are nervous AF.  

No 2

You wonder if this is a trick questions and lose your ability to speak actual words and full sentences. What comes out of your mouth. "Um", "ah", "well...". 

And that friends was just the first question…

They haven’t even gotten to the dreaded, heart attack inducing questions like:

  • If you had to say you have a weakness or an area that you need to improve in—what would that be?

  • Why should we hire you?

  • What are your salary expectations?

  • Where do you see yourself in five years?

  • If you were an animal, which one would you be?


In five years, I hope to be in a position where I can ticket people who ask stupid interview questions with huge fines.

My weakness is peanut butter cups and that I should not be able to eat the Costco sized bag which I also see as a strength… 

Salary? I want to be a billionaire so freaking bad, on the cover of Forbes magazine smiling next to Oprah and the Fab Five.  What’s up Jonathan VanNess?

Are probably not the best answers.... 

Imagine actually looking forward to interviews and no longer sweating through your shirt before you get in the room because you got this and knew

  • How to show up and what to do with your hands, eyes, and your listening to understand what you are even being asked face.

  • How to confidently answer the most common and dreaded interview questions and handle anything else thrown at you

  • When & how to follow up after an interview to stand out from the other candidates

When you want someone to review your resume and prepare you to ace your interview who's not a member of your pose of family, sign up for a FREE, obligation Talk, Walk, Wag. We'll chat about how to make your career dreams come true, let's get started.

If wondering about price to work with me,  I always do... Investment to support your dream career start at $50. 

After we chat, I can put together a custom proposal FYC (for your consideration). 

First, we chat. 


Resume Review FAQs

Do you also write resumes?

Ever met a celebrity or someone you admired and after were like... Hmm... they're not what I thought they'd be like. I believe that's what happens when someone else writes your resume for you. The person on paper is different than in real life. My goal is for you to have a resume that is 100% authentically you. How you get there is being a part of the process. No one knows your work history, what you have done and are capable of more than you. This is your resume and you need to be involved in the process. My review, suggestions and coaching will enhance your resume and show you where and how to stand out. I'll give you Mad lib style exercises and I may say, craft or suggest some lines of genius that you may use if you choose. Long short answer, No. I don't write your resume for you I write it with you.

OK, I hear ya but will you write it for me if that's what I want?

I'm here to support you. If that's the support you're looking for reach out and let's discuss. It won't be a bargain like the rework is. I'm not that silly to turn down a bucket of cash.

Does your review include a grammar check?

In the review, my focus in on how best to position you and your experience to highlight your awesome and stand out to recruiters and hiring managers. I'm not looking for typos or grammatical errors specifically in my review. If I happen to see any, I will comment on them but you own your resume so any suggestions/comments I make will be yours to accept as you wish. Should you want your final reviewed for grammar by a professional editor, I do offer that service (BTW it is not me. I'm aware and own my ability, I call it a gift to speak and write in typos). Contact me to have it added for your final resume.

Can I see an example of a resume?

Of course! You can see a before/after of an actual client resume CLICK HERE

What's the process?

After we chatted about your goals and how I can help, if we both agree we are a good match for each other like peanut butter and chocolate paymnet is required in full and we get started! I'll send you an email with my excitement about shining an a spotlight on all your awesome and mad ass skills which has details on next steps. Which start with.

  1. You send me your current resume in what ever state it is in and the link to set up our 1st strategy call (60 Minutes usually)
  2. Within 48 hours you'll receive your initial crafting document from me
  3. We go back and forth via email or phone as we craft together and have a lot of fun doing so (average is 2-3x but each client is different takes more or less rounds).
  4. Once your resume is how you like it you give me to ok to send it to the editor (if you selected to use the editor) who returns it to me usually within 24-48 hours.
  5. You receive your shiny new resume highlighting your awesome as a PDF ready to send out and post as well as the Word document to make updates.

How long does the process take?

On average under two weeks or less. It really depends a lot of your availability to give thoughts and comments on crafting rounds.We play a game of ping pong. Once I receive a round back from you. I turn it around within 48 hours back to you for your review and comments, notes or approval. Average clients are around 2-3 rounds sometimes more and sometimes less.

Ping Pong Process Schedule

You Send Expect from Me
Monday Wednesday
Tuesday Thursday
Wednesday Friday
Thursday Monday
Friday Monday
Saturday Tuesday
Sunday Tuesday

What if I need it rushed in days?

I have had clients who had theirs completed and edited within 2-3 days. I may be available to do it, up to a good challenge but it will come down to the availability of the both of us. Let's talk about it.

Do you guarantee I will find a job?

If I could do that for you imagine how much I could charge? I offer no guarantee of success of the resumes or career related products including the successful acquisition of a job or failure to land a job. You own your resume, how you show up in the interview and what you say. I'll guide, suggest but you are an adult and therefore are responsible.

Have a questions I didn't answer here?**

Contact me! I don't bite.