Career Coaching

My favorite definition of coaching is taking people from where they are to where they want to be.

Here’s how I help: 

Ask Me Anything Hour

Ask me anything are quick, get it done lunch-time makeovers (not reconstructive surgeries) for the resume update you’ve been needing to do, the profile tweaks you’ve been putting off, and/or just the help of support from someone who is not a member of your family or friend who said they’d help you and they’ve gone MIA.

Here are the most popular topics:


In an hour, together we’ll make over your resume, cover letter, or LinkedIn profile (you choose which one) to catch attention by brainstorming some target word choices, sentence structure, potential section/flow updates, adds, and how to make it prettier than a list of bullets that sound like every other “5+ year experienced, passionate, motivated, effective, efficient, results-driven professional” so that you stand out to an actual human and not a computer. 

Job Search Strategy Makeover

If you’ve been spending hours on the Internet looking for jobs, applying, waiting, not getting calls and wonder what is wrong with you?? NOTHING is wrong with you! Your strategy needs a makeover. Together, we’ll spend an hour and work on a strategy guaranteed to get you seen by the companies you WANT to work for and who will be oh so lucky to have you and your stacks of knowledge, skills, and abilities show up to work every day.

Interview Confidence Injection

We’ll take your top 3 dreaded, make you cringe and panic on the spot interview questions and practice answers together so you look forward to being asked those stupid questions like, “what are your greatest weaknesses?” or ” What’s the color of success?” and answer with cool confidence even if you usually ramble and babble on to a point you forgot the question you were asked.


Have something else in mind or want a mash-up, combo of the above? Let’s do it as much as we can fit into 1hour!

Additional Career Support Available 


DIY Courses & Support 


Done with your or done for you services to support you.

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