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Not sure what you should be doing but know what you are doing right now isn’t lighting you up?

Identify your career superpowers and how they make you awesome and invaluable to employers. With these nuggets of pure gold, you can make your resume, LinkedIn Profile, and interview answers impress with this career style report used by over 1 million people every day to improve work productivity, communication, and contributions to a team.

Finally, have clarity around your:

  • Strengths (the awesome you bring)

  • Personal communication style (making it work for you and others)

  • Limitations (that may hold you back)

  • Ideal work environment and career choices that make sense (where you can share your awesome)

With this knowledge about yourself, you will be able to:

  • Become more of who you were meant to be

  • Update your resume and Linkedin profile to reflect your awesomeness

  • Build your confidence when interviewing and answering the dreaded interview questions, “tell me about yourself?



  • 100% online 24 question career style assessment
  • 20+ page specific report of you and your workplace style.  The good and what to be aware of including these topics:
    • Introduction –To your workplace style report and the 4 styles that make up your awesome
    • Description –understanding your style, what influences you, your strengths and limitations of your style
    • Motivational Characteristics – of your style and what makes you awesome and where you may need to pay special attention to
      Historical Characters– who share your style 
    • Communication – DO’s and DONT’s by style
    • Graphs –a visual representation of your results for visual learners and nerds
    • Career Match– based on your style, a guide to the possibility of careers you may find interesting
    • PowerDISC™– your abilities in seven key areas of leadership success
    • Action Plan– suggestions for personal growth and development

Your career report is only $35!

Here’s How It Works: 

1. Sign Up

After signing up, I’ll send you a link to take a brief online assessment (24 questions).


2. Your Awesome Confirmed

I’ll  receive confirmation you completed your assesment. 


3. Receive Your Personalized Report

 I’ll send your confirmation of your awesome in your very own personalized report to your email within 24 hours. 

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