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You ask your friends and family to review your resume it takes weeks and what you get back from them — it’s fine.

You ask a co-worker to review your cover letter and they tear it apart, telling you things you thought were passé on a resume to the point you think you are being punked only to find out they applied for the same job and didn’t tell you…

When I review your resume my only interest is getting you to standout and get seen in the crowded job market.

Resume Review 1.0

You send me your resume and I’ll review sending you a short video of me walkthrough your resume providing you feedback, tips, and suggestions for you to consider to standout.

Resume: $19
LinkedIn $19
Cover Letter: $19

Resume Review 2.0

Includes the 2 resume review rounds (before/after) as mentioned above and in addition to the 2 rounds of feedback, you receive specific notes, tips, and suggestions in the form of comments and actionable redlines on your document using Microsoft Word.

Resume: $75
LinkedIn: $65
Cover Letter: $60

Here’s How Easy It is: 

1. Sign Up

Sign up for a review. Upload your document and answer the few questions about where you are headed and in the process.  

2. I'll Review

I’ll review your responses, questions and record you a video as I review  your document. 

3. Receive Review

I’ll send you the short video providing feedback, tips, and suggestions for you to consider to standout within 2 days or less. 

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