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* CPR= Clarity, Content, and Relevance to Stand Out

Without having to learn a second language of keywords so that you land interviews for your dream job even if you haven’t updated your profile in years. 

DISCover Your Awesome Career

NOT SURE WHAT YOU SHOULD BE DOING BUT KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING RIGHT NOW ISN’T LIGHTING YOU UP? Identify your career superpowers and how they make you awesome and invaluable to employers.

Resume Review Services

  • You ask your friends and family to review your resume it takes weeks and what you get back from is— it’s fine.
  • You ask a co-worker to review your cover letter and they tear it apart, telling you things you thought were passé on a resume to the point you think you are being punked only to find out they applied for the same job and didn’t tell you…

When I review your resume my only interest is getting you to standout and get seen in the crowded job market. For your review, I send you a short video of me walkthrough your resume providing you feedback, tips, and suggestions for you to consider to standout.

Ask Me Anything Private Session

In the time it takes to get out of bed, make your morning coffee, and decide if it’s a dry shampoo day or full shower… I guarantee to help you be on your way to making your career dreams come true—even if you have never worked with a coach before.

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Done with your or done for you services to support you.


You + me talking and working together on your career.

Not what you are looking for? Or not quite sure about what you are seeking? Contact me and tell me more and we’ll see what we can do together.

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