DISCover Your Superpowers

& Those Of Others

In this personalized 4-session leadership discovery and growth program, you will learn what kind of awesome leader you are and begin to improve relationships. 

You Will:

  • Analyze your Leadership Style and how you can strengthen relationships
  • build stronger teams all while motivating yourself and others
  • Learn to identify the styles of others, including those you lead and work alongside
  • Recognize the true value that yourself and others brings to the team
  • Distill how others may interpret your Leadership Style and use that knowledge to be more effective
  • Understand how to prevent overuse of your strengths
  • Enhance your communication to flex to different styles

Through this personalized experience you will:

  • Recognize your awesome leadership superpowers (and fears and weaknesses)
  • Use your Leadership Style to recognize and bring out the awesome in yourself and your team
  • Start identifying and conducting mini experiments where you will try new strategies to work most effectively with other styles
Rebecca provides a fresh, personalized, and tailored perspective on team behaviors and leadership styles. I discovered my natural and unique leadership style. My strengths and opportunities. As well as the ability to identify the style of others and the value they bring to the team through their specific style. These skills have helped me to become more confident and competent building relationships
— Diana

Unleash You Awesome Includes:

Discover Your Superpowers


DISC Leadership Style Profile & Report*

BONUS Tip Sheet: How To Communicate with Different Styles to help your rock communication

Four, 50-Minute Sessions# scheduled within a two-month period

Personalized Experiments challenges, homework, insights and/or resources based on our sessions

Post Session Summary Emails Recaps of what we discussed, any action items, resources, and experiments

Unlimited Email Support between sessions, as needed



*Your DISC Leadership Style Report by PeopleKeys® with your specific results, includes these topics:

  • Introduction – to your leadership report
  • Description – understanding your leadership style
  • Motivational Characteristics – of your leadership style
  • Communication – DO’s and DONT’s by style
  • Graphs – visual representation of your results
  • PowerDISC™– your abilities in seven key areas

# Four Sessions Themes

Session One: Discover The Four Styles of Behavior
Session Two: Learn to Recognize the Styles of Others
Session Three: Your Leadership Superpowers and What Happens When Overused
Session Four: How to Flex Your Communication to Different Styles

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