✨Leadership Skills For People Who Care About Leading The Right Way✨

Raise your hand if you….

Have a daily panic attack because you have gone from being an employee, so good at your job, you can basically do it in your sleep, to now losing sleep because you are in charge of people you were just working beside, talking about inappropriate things at lunch you’d be embarrassed to talk about with your boss… You are now the boss!


As the boss, you suddenly have an entirely different set of responsibilities and challenges but have had no training on how to lead others and you are just waiting to be found out that you have no idea what you are doing and they made a mistake putting you in charge of a team of people.


You want to be a good leader, do the right things, support your team, and achieve great results for the company but don’t feel confident you have what it takes or the skills to be a good leader (Good?!, truth is you’d settle for an OK leader that everyone doesn’t hate).

A leader that is respected by your direct reports and not let those down—who you are now silently cursing — who put you in this job.


Where do you even start to get what you need to succeed as fast as you can without embarrassing yourself, looking stupid, or making others think they made the wrong choice?


Then I have some super news for you!

I’ve got you… Bosses (new, first-time, old tyme and inspiring) who want to be an awesome boss, one that everyone loves.

I believe awesome leaders, the kind you wish you had… are made.

How I Became A Leadership Expert.

And, as for why you should listen to me over the countless other voices in leadership coaching, let me give you the short answer (because we are all busy).

OK, so I’m not really a Leadership Skills expert, what I am is a human, and the thousands of leaders of all levels around the world I have helped go from dazed, scared, and confused become confident, that know what to do, gets results leader and their people actually don’t call in on days they are working, actually think I am an expert.

I think it’s a nice side effect of helping so many people overcome their struggles and fears after they have been floundering around & desperate for support to learn the skills to lead and avoid becoming a bosshole (boss+a**hole =Bosshole).

Before I dedicated myself to helping people say adios to feeling like you are supposed to know everything now that you are the boss, I spent 20+ years making magic for the Walt Disney Company around the world helping to develop, grow and support people and the business through the Disney University and Disney Institute.

Now I’m going off script. I don't believe in stuffy corporate training filled with buzzwords. I embrace my inner nerd, which can range from reading a lot of Harvard Business Review, to having a secret crush on Simon Sinek, to crafting personal lessons building on my years of experience to give you real-world usable tools, tips, and resources to use NOW to be a confident, successful, and awesome leader.

2 ways to support your leadership journey:

Looking for something more than a power hour? How about a Custom Leadership Development program for you or your business?

We co-create this program together based on the areas you want to develop providing you problem solutions, things to try, and adding tools to your toolbox. 

This is not an out of the box, pre-made, just change the name on the cover experience. It is a fully custom program designed specifically for you, with you based on where you want to go and grow.

Let’s chat about what it could look like!