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Leadership Coaching

My favorite definition of coaching is taking people from where they are to where they want to be.

Here’s how I help: 

Ask Me Anything Hour

I love on-demand tv and the ability to watch what I want when I want with the ability to turn it on and off. 

What IF… hmm... I started to imagine having the same control when it came to leadership coaching.  

  1. Someone experienced with an objective voice— not your friends, family, bosses, and mentors appointed through HR formal mentoring programs someone with no judgment, no other interests, and no motivations other than helping you.
  2. Keeping in mind we are all time poor. No time commitments of traditional 1:1 coaching and packages of multiple sessions.
  3. At a reasonable price to have someone available when you need a sounding board to hear you out, bounce ideas around with, seek advice, learn from, help shorten the learning curve, share tools, and resources, and discuss your next steps.

I wanted that as a leader! Wishing I had someone who was unbiased, non-judgy and just helps me with:

  • Questions I had, even the basic ones and not feel stupid for asking 

  • Someone to listen to you talk it out-loud (because it sounds crazy in your head)

  • A sounding board/personal advisor to gain clarity

  • Last minute or everyday project and decision support

  • Workplace sticky situations questions- how to manage bosses, co-workers, and other work-life nuisances

  • Brainstorm partner for projects and new ideas

  • Give you a kick in the pants of accountability, when needed

So I created that!

1 hour Ask Me anything Session $97

Additional Career Support Available 

The Awesome Leader Lab Monthly Membership

The Ultimate Shortcut to Mastering Leadership Skills of Awesome Leaders Who Choose to Lead With Purpose Through Inspiring and Empowering Others and Without Becoming a Soul-Sucking Bosshole.

Leadership Services

DISCover your leadership style and what makes you an awesome leader. 

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