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DISCover Your Awesome Leadership Style Profile & Report

Have what kind of awesome leader you are confirmed in this personalized leadership style report used by over 1 million people every year to improve work productivity, teamwork, communication, leadership, and LIFE

Being more self-aware will help you recognize your strengths and shortcoming of not only yourself but your team. 

When it comes to you and your leadership abilities you will finally:

  • Gain insights on your leadership strengths
  • Identify your limits/what’s holding you back as a leader
  • Understand what motivates you as a leader
  • Identify your communication preferences and those of others you lead

With this knowledge about yourself, you will be able to:

  • Maximize your leadership potential
  • Become more of the leader you are meant to be
  • Discover the best ways to communicate and motivate those around you 

Your Awesome Leadership Style Confirmed Includes: 

  • 100% online leadership style assessment
  • 15+ page specific report of your leadership style.  The good and what to be aware of including these topics:
    • IntroductionTo your leadership report and the 4 styles that make up your awesome
    • Descriptionunderstanding your leadership style, what influences you, your strengths and limitations of your style
    • Motivational Characteristicsof your leadership style and what makes you awesome and where you may need to pay special attention to
    • Communication – DO’s and DONT’s by style
    • Graphs –a visual representation of your results for visual learners and nerds
    • PowerDISC™– your abilities in seven key areas of leadership success

Your report is only $35!

Additional Career Support Available 

The Awesome Leader Lab Monthly Membership

The Awesome Leader Lab is the only online membership program of short and punchy how-to leadership skills training, tools, tips, and guides for women who choose to lead with purpose through inspiring and empowering others.

1:1 Leadership Coaching

My favorite definition of coaching is taking people from where they are to where they want to be.  Let’s work on where you want to be as a leader together. 


I want my leadership style report! What's the process?

Step 1: Sign up 
Step 2: I’ll send you a link to take the assessment online
Step 3: I’ll send your personalized leadership report within 1 business day of you taking the assessment along with your bonus tip sheet How To Communicate WIth Different Styles.

Can I see an example of a report?

Of course! Here is a sample leadership report. Click here

Can you walk me through my report and answer questions?

I’m happy to personally walk you through your report and answer any questions you have in an Ask Me Anything session. Here’s the link to sign up. 

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