Unlimited On-Demand Micro Coaching Program

Support When You Need it!

I always wanted a coach, a personal advisor, a confidant.  Someone I can look to for guidance, support, can learn from, and help me shorten my learning curve.

Sure, I had my friends, family, bosses, and mentors appointed through HR formal mentoring programs over the years.

However, I didn’t feel they were the most objective or transparent. I felt they had agendas they weren’t sharing that made me uncomfortable really sharing and asking questions for fear it would come back in some form or another.  I also felt they didn't have time for me. Making me feel stupid by asking questions and seeking advice. 

The price tag for external 1:1 coaching programs stopped me for years from working with someone who had no other interest than to help me.  

Until I finally did it, I spent the money and worked with a coach. It’s pretty amazing to have someone’s full attention, with no agenda other than supporting me.

It’s really all about me! Finally!

Here’s the thing though, I wasn’t a fan of the time commitment of coaching. Between scheduling, rescheduling as needed, travel, and the session itself was a commitment.  Yeah, I know…  I’m investing the time in myself, you make the time for what is important, blah, blah truths doesn’t make the commitment any easier.

I’m all about how to provide a deeper, level of support to others than what is currently available. Is it possible for coaching?

I think so! Here it is. 

I love on-demand tv and the ability to watch what I want, when I want. 

What IF... hmm... I started to imagine having the same control when it came to personal and professional development coaching.  YES Please! 

  1. Someone with an objective voice with no interests than helping you 
  2. Keeping in mind we are all time poor. No time commitments of traditional 1:1 coaching
  3. A reasonable price to have someone available when you need it

With needs ranging from

  • No questions are too basic!
  • Someone to listen to you talk it out-loud (because it sounds crazy in your head)
  • A sounding board/personal advisor to gain clarity
  • Last minute or everyday project and decision support
  • Work place sticky situations questions- how to manage bosses, co-workers and other work life nuisances 
  • Brainstorm partner for projects and new ideas 
  • Give you a kick in the pants of accountability, when needed
  • Available for single topics in career, leadership, and business such as: 
    • Job posting review, job search, resume or Linkedin review, interview prep
    • Leadership skill building, tricks & tips, practice sharing, coaching
    • Business and start-up brainstorming, advising, process review, program development, training, employee engagement, customer satisfaction
  • Talk about life. What we are watching, doing, enjoying, and planning

With On-Demand Mini Coaching,  YOU CONTROL: 

  • The engagement, interaction, and the conversation on your own terms
  • When you want support 

I Commit To: 

  • Getting to the point and laser focused on helping you 
  • You feeling confident after our session as you have a plan to take action on
On Demand Coaching


3 Months Program Includes:

Unlimited Coaching your choice of On-Demand 15-minute call (or less) or email support

Take Action is the form of homework, an assignment or challenge we agree upon to help move you forward

Post Session Recap email with brief summary of what we discussed, action item review, and link to schedule your next call

The First (and only) rule of On Demand Coaching
>>Complete your homework before your next call.



On-Demand coaching can be a stand alone program or added on to another workshop or program for additional, personlized support. 

Next Steps: 


Apply For The On Demand Coaching Program
Complete the brief no obligation application. I’d like to know a bit about you and what you’d like to get out of coaching with me.  If accepted, you will receive an invite and payment link.


Schedule Your First Coaching Session
Your first coaching session is 30 minutes long and on that call, we will:
          a. Review your goals and that your current challenges
              I can help you with
          b. Understand your commitment to the process of
              change and growth
          c. Go over the necessary steps required to
              meet your challenges and reach your goals (aka

          d. If we decide we are a good fit, you can set up your
              first session online. If not a fit, I will fully refund your


Complete Your Homework and Schedule Your Next Call
Your homework are tasks, assignments or to dos for you to take action on that we agree upon. As soon as you’ve completed those tasks, you can schedule your next On Demand coaching session. Some clients complete their homework and schedule their next call that very same day.

Here's How To Get Started: