✨Power Hours✨


Step away from the screen

Don’t read this page.


You believe long-term, expensive coaching packages with a self-proclaimed "expert" or guru is the only way to go…

You like to spend your days wishing and dreaming and not producing…

You aren’t ready to change or take action to get the support you really want in just 1 hour…

You are scared to trust yourself to think, be, and do something different in your life

Then this page, this solution, and this product are not for you.

In fact, nothing much can help you short of a miracle (and anyone who promises you otherwise is just trying to rob you of your money and your dignity).

But if you are NOT one of the above...in fact you are the exact opposite…


You know you don't ever do anything alone, that together is better…

And you want to FINALLY stop listening to all the people telling you that coaching is a process, and it needs to take a lot of time and a loan to be effective…

Then I have some terribly exciting news for you...

In the time it takes to get out of bed, make your morning coffee, and decide if it’s a dry shampoo day or full shower, I guarantee to help you be on your way to making your dreams come true for your career, your leadership, and your business even if you have never worked with a coach before.

✨Power Hours✨

I work with people who want a better career, to be a better leader, and be a better business through being human. 

Power Hours are for when you need

A snack not a full meal.

A makeover but not reconstructive surgery.

A short sitcom not a full episodic drama.

They are perfect for when you want…

  • A brainstorm partner for your career, products, or service so that you can move forward

  • Someone to review materials (resume, website, training, communication, processes) to know you are on the right path and/or get some new ideas to make it even better

  • Discuss pressing issues or the workplace woes you are experiencing and create a strategy to deal with

  • Out of a leadership rut and get back to going great work in supporting others to be their very best

  • Learn, build, and practice leadership skills

  • Help with building confidence so that you can do work that is meaningful and matters

  • To nerd out about books, research or tv shows with someone who shares your passion for all of that but mostly holiday movies, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, and Jack Ryan

  • To see what it would be like to work with me.. I’m a joy but not for everyone ✨


Here’s How Power Hours Go Down:


Book a time (calendar below) Share at least 3 things you’d like to accomplish in our session.


We have our session! I’ll call you at the number you provided.


After our session, I’ll send you notes along with any action items and resources shared.

Looking for Power Hour suggestions or maybe a partner to help you rework and rewrite your resume? Check our all the support for your career here.