Looking for something other than coaching to make your dream career, business, and life a reality? Check out my programs that has support built into them. You are never doing this alone!



Mini Programs

You're awesome, most days you know it. Sometimes you wonder and forget what makes you awesome and when you try to put it into words you draw a blank. Making updating your resume, interviewing, and talking to others about your awesomeness can be a challenge. I got you covered with these mini style DISCovery programs for career and leadership. Never again forget what makes you awesome. 

Short Programs

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You know that boss you just don't get along with that just rubs you the wrong way each and every day? How about your employee that when they knock on your door and ask if you got a sec and you want to hide under your desk because it's never just a sec?  Then there's that co-worker that won't answer the phone and when you leave a message won't call you back but will text you the answer? WTF & FML! 

In this personalized 4-session DISCovery program you will learn about the different styles of people and leadership, including YOURs. Not only will you understand each style superpower, weaknesses, hot buttons and communication preferences but be able to identify them in others. Any specific issues and challenges you are experiencing with other people as well as ones you may be causing and don't know it we'll discuss. You'll be given mini experiments and challenges to begin to improve relationships, influence others, and become one awesome boss and team member. 

Online Workshops

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Choose Awesome presents 48 Days TO the Work you Love Online Workshop 

To most WORK is a four letter word. It's that miserable place we spend the most of our waking hours at. Surrounded by people who don't get us and we don't really want to be around and doing things that seem pretty meaningless until it's time to go home. Then Rinse and repeat.  What if I told you it didn't have to be like that? That is it possible to discover, find, create the work and life that lights you up or that you love what you currently do a little more than you do today.