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Former Disney Princess, A Doctor Like Indiana Jones, Mother Of A Greyhound

You Don’t Have the Experience/Education/Skills or *INSERT HERE*


You’re Going to Fail


Past Successes Were a Fluke, You Got Lucky


Why Should You Care Who Am I? 

The simple answer is unless you have fear, self- doubt and annoying roommates living in your head for FREE (or friends/family/boss) telling you that your dreams are stupid and other nonsense like:



You Can’t!


People Need to Fear You, Show ‘Em Who’s Boss or They’ll Walk All Over You


You’re Not Smart Enough/ Pretty Enough/*INSERT HERE*


Who Do You Think You Are?

Or a big Disney nerd, you probably shouldn’t.

But if you do and you want to know why someone who had a dream career people would pluck an eyeball out for, spent years collecting degrees like one collects Funko Pops (I have them in the arts, education, psychology, and business) and then spent countless hours dedicated to dusting off dreams that were shoved in a dream drawer for some day and finally making them come then you might want to pay attention.

Hi! I’m Dr. Rebecca Morgan

I believe in humanity. I’m also a morning person and an optimist with a side of a realist—eye rolls and head shakes are my cardio thanks to common sense not being all that common…

…and that’s over the stuff I do and say on the daily!

My non-negotiable values in business and life are to connect, engage, and inspire the hearts and minds of people.

When it comes to leadership I have an unwavering belief based on research and personal experience that:

# of years at Disney

# of different jobs at Disney

# of years living in China

# of years living in Hawaii

# of times I've watched A Star Is Born

# of Peloton Rides @chooseawesome

  1. It is the responsibility of a leader to take care of their people
  2. So that their people can take care of the customer
  3. And in turn, the customer will take care of the business.

I believe in this practice of leadership so much that I’ve been recognized with a few Mousecars, the Disney equivalent of an Academy Award over the years as well as a Disney lifetime achievement award for my contributions to business results, employee excellence, and customer satisfaction. It’s like a Disney EGOT.

After, spending years sharing Walt Disney’s story of dreams, creativity, innovation, leadership, courage, not giving up, and doing the impossible… it’s hard to not get inspired to go out and WWWD (what would Walt do) and chart your own path to make your dreams come true.

One of my dreams dug out from the drawer was starting my own coaching/advising/consulting business. I started Choose Awesome Coaching because I got sick and tired of people complain about the same thing for 6 months. I believe that every day is a choice. What we do, how we respond, how we treat people, and to take action or not—all of it is a choice.

It was also exhausting living Mean Girls. That scarcity mindset often found in women that there’s not enough for us all to live our dreams and be successful. That’s a big stinky pile of BS. There’s magic in every one of us wanting to get out into the world, that the world NEEDS and plenty of room for us all—let me scoot over.

We need more women to believe, encourage, and support each other to make their dreams come true. When one of us succeeds we all do and together is always better awesome.

Let’s now talk about crystals and oils…  *Kidding*   kinda…

I now exclusively work with people and businesses who care. 

 Currently supporting others in making their dreams come true. Here’s who I work with:

Career Dreamers

Who wants more for their career and life, and not feel ashamed, embarrassed, and bad about it. Looking for someone to scheme with until your dream comes true? That’s where I come in. 

Awesome Leaders

Who wants the skills to lead better and have people tripping over their own feet to work with them because they aren’t a bosshole (boss + asshole).

Awesome Businesses

Who wants to make awesome their business model through caring and connecting with people and believes customer service is not dead and the key to standing out. 

I love my clients who say such kind things like this

(and I didn’t have to bribe them or threaten!)

Rebecca is better than a genie in a lamp!


You are a pure ray of sunshine in my murky, confused head. Love your style, grace, smarts and savvy… and your GIRL Powers!


Within seconds of meeting her, you’ll know Rebecca was born to elevate people, something I’ve seen her accomplish several times on two continents. 


Although fluent in corporate shenanigans they make my eyes roll so hard and don’t get me started on the drill down, deep dive,  wheelhouse, bandwidth, optics of buzzwords…

I’m a pop culture junkie, and a bit of a nerd, which ranges from reading a lot of theory on neuroscience, psychology, and business (so you don’t have to) and sometimes a good beach read to having a secret crush on Simon Sinek.

I’m also a crazy dog mom to Landon “LL Cool Grey,” married to my Prince Charming named Todd, an Imagineer at Disney who tolerates so much of my nonsense including my cooking and talking to the tv, which I watch to support the local economy here in LA while eating a Costco sized bag of green pea snacks. 

I’d Love To Hear From You!

If I seem familiar… and I wasn’t your VIP Tour Guide at Disney or your facilitator in a Disney University class or Disney Institue program… maybe from here

Shout Out From Dan Miller On His 48 Days Podcast

Featured as a success story by New York Times Best Selling Author, Dan Miller on his 48 Days Online Radio Show. Named one of INC. 100 podcasts that make you smarter, better, wiser & top career podcast for 2018.


Where I share I thought something was wrong with me.

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Sharing such gold nuggets like “No one REALLY knows what they’re doing” Click to read about it here!

I blame Entrepreneur on Fire…

And embrace Hippie Dippie All The Way. Read on here 


Included with these incredible authors, speakers, coaches who are out there making their dreams a reality and helping others. 

There was also the time I was a calendar girl and in the Chinese newspaper but we’ll save some things for later. 

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