What I Do

I work exclusively with people and businesses who care

People who believe they have mad-a** knowledge, skills, and experience to share with companies but are struggling to get seen and called to an interview. We work together on updating their documents (resume, cover letter, LinkedIn profile, job search strategy) and confidence so they can land their dream job.

People who believe caring and service to others is the right and only way to lead and want to learn and improve leadership skills and presence.

Businesses who give a sh*t  and want to intentionally design customer and employee experiences and training that are #awesome. 

My Philosophy

My uncompromising/non-negotiable values in business and life are to connect and care about people.

I believe it is the responsibility of a company to take care of their customers/clients and employees.

The responsibility of leadership is to take care of their people so they can take care of the customers/clients and customers take care of the business.

That is how business results worth anything are created and most businesses and bosses are doing it backward. Missing out on so many opportunities, growth, impact, and buckets of money. 

I’m Your Modern-Day Fairy Guidementor

I’m curious, love to learn, share, and teach. 

I don’t believe I’m an expert and leery of anyone who calls themselves such…

What I do have is my very own oversized carpet bag full of experiences, lessons, and skills from a life at Disney and beyond ready to be dug into to support you through coaching, courses, and services.

My Goals

My goals are to make the world more awesome by helping people dust off their dreams and make someday TODAY

I know it sounds like a Miss America answer. Here’s the thing. There’s a lot of people in a comfy coma, unfulfilled, bored, know there’s more to life but afraid and making excuses as they binge watch while scrolling their life away. 

I help those who are semi-awake and want to change by teaching what I know and have done. I go before you or I go with you. Doing it together and sharing notes. That is how I change the world.  

At a minimum, I help make LinkedIn profiles and resumes be far less boring to read. 

Career Support

Don’t believe you can go from stuffing your resume with every possible keyword found in the job description, posting online like it's your full-time job and still not get a call for an interview to turning down interviews and offers because you found and said yes to your dream job?




Leadership Training

 STOP struggling with the question of are leaders born or are they made?

No time for that, I'm going to give you the answer! I believe leaders are made. Leadership is a skill that can be learned.

Be the awesome leader you wish you had and one that people trip over their own feet to follow.




Business Support

 I help tiny businesses and startups (and larger ones if asked nicely) to use the power of human care and connection to create experiences, products, and services to stand out through done with you or done for you projects and services. 




Not quite sure what help you need?

Contact me and let me know your dreams and we can figure it out!  

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