READ ME Resume Rework


READ ME Resume Rework

from 249.00

We work together to rework your resume to reflect more your awesome!

  • Customized Resume Review Crafting Document

  • Resume Branding & Job Search Strategy Session

  • Re-Write/Update Your Resume Together until we get it right!

  • Professional Editor Review of Final Resume For Grammar

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The Process & Timeline

On average we'll get it done under two weeks or less. It really depends a lot of your availability to give thoughts and comments on crafting rounds. We play a game of ping pong. Once I receive a round back from you. I turn it around within 48 hours back to you for your review and comments, notes or approval. Average clients are around 2-3 rounds sometimes more and sometimes less.

Ping Pong Process Schedule

You Send           Expect from Me

Monday                  Wednesday

Tuesday                  Thursday

Wednesday             Friday

Thursday                 Monday

Friday                      Monday

Saturday                  Tuesday

Sunday                    Tuesday

What if I need it rushed within days?

I have had clients who had theirs completed and edited within 2-3 days. I may be availble to do it, up to a good challenge but it will come down to the availability of the both of us. Let's talk about it.