A Resume That Says READ ME!

I have a non-traditional approach to resumes and the job search process. 

I work with clients to highlight their awesome experience, their knowledge, skills, and abilities into a story.

Your Story Based Resume

When your resume crosses a recruiter or hiring managers desk, it wakes up their brain 🧠and says READ ME! 

Your resume will stand out from all the other resumes that look the same, sound the same in the muddy, croweded sea of “results oriented professionals” who “meets or exceeds expectations” candidates.

What does that even really mean? Does anyone ever put "Not a professional" or "consistently delivers below expectations"

It doesn't matter... because your resume isn't going to use overused, boring language like every other resume (making you sound like a robot!).

 It’s going to sound like you and show off your awesome.

⚠️ Warning: This approach is not for everyone and not every recruiter or hiring manager is going to like it. ⚠️

It's my belief that those who do accept the awesome you bring to work and life are deserving of you and all that you bring.

Those who don’t... good chance you probably didn’t want to work there anyway...  

It’s helping you with the screening process of who is deserving of you and where you can show up as you.

If you are wanting someone to review your resume who isn’t your friend, family, or co-worker; and someone who can provide you a personalized report of your current resume and offer suggestions on what you can do to make it stand out, let’s get started.

Resume That Lands Jobs

I had an interview today and they really liked my resume. They said it was one of the best they’ve ever seen and very well done! You are the best!!!
— Paul, Client

I review your existing resume and make suggestions to make it reflect more of your awesome. Your personalized resume review report includes: 

  • The Basics: Overall impressions of current resume including:
    • Length
    • Organization
    • Design/Formatting Layout
  • Customized recommendations and consideration for you to make you resume stand out
  • Tips/Suggestions on resume for re-writing, sections to add and other improvements using MS Word comments and track changes features. 

2 options DIY and Done With You to choose from. .



Customized Resume Review Report

Two Rounds of Comments/Suggestions






Customized Resume Review Report & Comments

Resume Branding & Job Search Strategy Session

Re-Write/Update Your Resume Together

Professional Editor Review Of Final Resume For Grammar

Resume Review FAQs

Do you also write resumes?

Ever met a celebrity or someone you admired and after were like... Hmm... they're not what I thought they'd be like. I believe that's what happens when someone else writes your resume for you. The person on paper is different than in real life. My goal is for you to have a resume that is 100% authentically you. How you get there is being a part of the process. No one knows your work history, what you have done and are capable of more than you. This is your resume and you need to be involved in the process. My review will enhance your resume and show you where and how to stand out.

OK, I hear ya but will you write it for me if that's what I want?

I'm here to support you. If that's the support you're looking for. Reach out and let's discuss.

Does your review include a grammar check?

In the review, my focus in on how best to position you and your experience to highlight your awesome and stand out to recruiters. I'm not looking for typos or grammatical erros specifically in my review. If I happen to see any, I will comment on them but you own your resume so any suggestions/comments I make will be yours to accept as you wish. Should you want your final reviewed for grammar by a professional editor I do offer that service (BTW it is not me. I'm aware and own my ability to speak and write in typos). Contact me to have it added for your final resume.

Can I see an example of a resume?

Of course! You can see my resume in written in this style. Click here and go to the bottom of the page.

What if I don't have Microsoft Word?

We can work with a PDF file of your resume using the comment feature. In this case, you'll need to have Adobe's PDF reader (available as a free download online). Bear in mind, however, Microsoft Word is the universally accepted tool for documents such as a resume, so you may wish to invest in it to use its features to create a professional looking resume which can be easily submitted and transmited via email around the world.

Have a question not answered here?

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Have a question not answered here?