Talk, Walk & Wag Guidance Session

Join Landon “LL Cool Grey” and me on our morning walk! 

I offer 20-minute phone chats while I am out walking the hood with Landon. (I'll call you).

They are sales pitch free, no obligation, no holding back of resources or guidance. The purpose is to connect, support you and are very casual and relaxed.

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When you book a session you can get guidance on that workplace woe you are experiencing, that idea you want to talk out and not ready to share with friends and family, career questions answered, or just get to know each other better in this session. It’s your time and yes, it’s free.

Recent Sessions Topics:

  • A new entrepreneur with all the shoulds swirling around in her mind and getting nothing done to move her baby business forward. We stopped the swirl by narrowing down to 2. Just 2 items she can do today to take action on. 
  • A job seeker on making her resume stand out by making it sound like a human and less robot. She got the interview! 
  • A leader with team dynamics impacting productivity and how to address individual and group behaviors.
  • Listened to a new podcaster's show and shared thoughts on how amazing is and brainstormed future topics.
  • What it's like to live with a greyhound. It's amazing!

Why would I do this when I sell coaching? 

My purpose is to help people.

I choose who I work with and what I work on. Hopefully, you do too! 

I get to do my way with no strings attached, while I am out getting some exercise, SoCal sunshine with my main dog.

Let me give you some insight into my business model philosophy.

I love samples! I often end up buying what I sampled. Maybe not that trip but in the future.

I believe if I’m helpful, resourceful, and you find value in our session you may in the future:

  1.  Keep me in mind when you need additional coaching
  2. Tell others about me.

Here’s what I promise. There’ll be no sales pitch, work with me to get X, Y, Z.  None of that.

Here’s how it works:

  • Book a Chat, Walk & Wag Guidance Session below
  • I'll call you at the number you provide (if in Glendale/Burbank area let me know if you want to meet in person)
  • After the call I’ll mull over what we talked about and send you a recap 

That’s it!

Schedule your Free Chat, Walk & Wag Guidance Session below. 

If you’re a friend and just want to catch up or a Linkedin connection and want to network, book a time. Feel free to share with friends and colleagues you know. However, like I shared I’m not going to try to sell you something, if your intent is to sell to me… not cool.. don’t do it.



Looking for another time? Contact me here to request one.