Talk, Walk & Wag Guidance Session

I’m tired of talented, skilled, good people employers would be lucky to have not have their resume see the light of day by an actual human.

I use a non-traditional approach to the job search strategy to craft resumes that scream READ ME and work with people 1:1 to find or create work they love, prep for interviews so employers MUST have them, and more.

Here’s a great (but limited, I only take so many career clients a month and my calendar fills quickly) opportunity if you are struggling on how to stand out in the crowded job market to join Landon “LL Cool Grey” and me on our walk via phone (I’ll call you) and I’ll review your LinkedIn profile and give you at least 3 specific tips to stand out TODAY.

Sessions are sales pitch free, no obligation, no holding back of resources or guidance. The purpose is to connect, support you, and are very casual, relaxed and I think a-lot of fun!

Book a time (while they are available) below.

Here’s some love notes from recent calls.

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Looking for another time? Contact me here to request one.