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You have dreams for your business and I want to help you build and implement them.

I'm like a Swiss Army Knife with my 13 different roles I had at my Disney career and experience beyond.  I say YES to projects that usually focus around the human side of business. Favorite areas include:

  • Building and sustaining a compelling culture that invites people into it.
  • Attracting awesome people to work and do business with and keep them through process, policies, program design & alignment  to your awesome company
  • Creating long-term sustainable business results through engaging with the hearts and minds of people
  • Developing Human Skills focused on care 

You choose the project and the support you want. One size does not fit all! Everything I do is custom to your company. No off the shelf, remove the name on the cover, and find/replace with your name and call it done. 

Done For You
Me Doing It For You
You have your finger on everything but I will create and do the work for you.


Done With You
You + Me
Working together, hand-holding guidance to implementation.

Past Projects Included:

  • Developed custom onboarding programs for new hires. Developed completely from scratch and also gave new life to existing programs.
  • Conducted a thorough customer service audit from web site to in person experience with detailed report of yeahs and yucks of the experience. Have done the same with recruiting process.
  • Designed an intern development program that included a retention strategy after graduation.
  • Partnered on updating an emerging leader development program
  • Reviewed an existing customer service training program and gave design suggestions and notes to make it more participant friendly and engaging through activities and assignments. 

On my team, I partner with some of the most creative and talented instructional designers, facilitators, speakers, writer, graphic artists and specialists to make your project awesome.  If you have your own resources, I usually can work with them as well. 

Where Can I Help You and Your Business? 

Just ask. If we believe I may be able to assist great! If not, me and my team will help you find someone who can support your awesome. 

Project rates start at $125 with flat fee and retainer options available. 

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